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A world-class higher education provider that offers top-rated online/part-time accredited MBA programmes, Doctorate, PG Diploma, and Teacher Education programmes through its extensive presence in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.
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Class of 2022
They have come far, worked hard, and achieved their goals. Now it's your turn!
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Towards gaining the ultimate degree
Attain the pinnacle of business administration education with doctorate programs, providing unprecedented fast-track status of global expert in a specialist area.
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Empowered educators build the future
A one-stop learning platform for prospective as well as existing teachers to enhance their knowledge, experience, and skills with international quality education.
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The exceptional educational programs at Exeed College enable the learners to reinvent themselves and excel in their domains of expertise.


A high-quality & affordable learning experience so you can learn in-demand skills to take your career to the next level. 90% of our students say that their learning outcomes were met or exceeded.

Learn from the best

Exeed College has distinguished international faculty educated in renowned universities with decades of experience in industry and academia.

Real World Application

The courses often witness a fusion of technology, innovation, and global perspective resulting in an impactful and real-world learning experience.

Personalized Support

Our expert advising team and dedicated faculty provide support and guidance throughout your program.

Career Acceleration

The programs not only provide quality education and training in a flexible and affordable format but also further your job prospects to newer heights.

Why Learn At Exeed?

Live Interactive Classes

Our classes bring together technology, innovation, and a global perspective. Let's dive in, discuss, and experience real-world learning!

Learn from the Best

We have distinguished international faculty educated in renowned universities and have decades of industry and academic experience.

Personalised Support

We provide you with expertise and dedicated support throughout your program from our student engagement team and course administrators.

Advanced LMS

Our cutting-edge Learning Management System makes learning more engaging and personalised, unlocking the power of data-driven insights.

Cutting-Edge Pedagogy

We use innovative teaching methods, digital tools, and experiential learning to offer an advanced pedagogy that fosters global competence.

Global Alumni

We shape a world of talent. Our intensive programs empower and foster some of the world's most talented individuals.

What our learners have to say

What our learners have to say

MBA in Dubai

Alexandros Spyridonis

MBA in Health and Safety Leadership

I extend my gratitude to Exeed College for all the support the team has given me to achieve this degree. Thank you Exeed Team. I am very happy and excited for the exciting experience…
MBA in Abu Dhabi

Anesh Soni

MBA in Operations and Project Management

My journey with Exeed was very exciting. I am very lucky to be benefitted from the several of the opportunities I got from Exeed College. I have started off with the Project Management….
Online MBA UAE

Armila Devi Ramasawmy

MBA in Global Banking and Finance

I have banking experience of more than 30 years. I work in Mauritius. I have started my MBA in Global Banking and Finance just after the world pandemic. I can say the faculty..
Executive MBA in Dubai

Imad Abou Antoun

MBA Health and Safety Leadership

I will start with the professors and teachers in Exeed College. They have exceptional ability in making students comprehend the most complex of concepts. I have had many personal experiences where the tutors…
Fast Track MBA UAE

Joeward Tawanda

MBA in Health and Safety Leadership

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Exeed College for all the support the team has given me to achieve this degree. It has been a challenging journey for me But with the help of Exeed College…
Best online MBA Programs in Dubai

Johnpaul Uzonwa

MBA in Health and Safety Leadership

I am an HSE professional working in Abu Dhabi. I graduated from UCAM University with an MBA in Health and Safety Leadership. This was made possible through Exeed College. I have been studying in Exeed College…

Highly Acclaimed Institution of Higher Learning and Executive Education

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Source: Student satisfaction survey 2023

A Global Higher Education Provider

Exeed College is a pioneering force in education management and is headquartered in the dynamic landscape of the UAE. Our institution is recognised for its commitment to delivering exceptional online educational experiences. From top-of-the-line Doctorate programmes in business administration and teacher education to specialised MBA programmes and a spectrum of master’s programmes, Exeed College’s offerings are meticulously designed to empower learners with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their fields. With a foundation built on excellence, accessibility, and innovation, we empower learners to achieve their aspirations, push boundaries, and become catalysts for positive change in their communities and beyond.

Business Management Doctorate

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    What's happening at Exeed?

    Exeed College Introduces Career-Ready UG Programs to Tackle Skills Shortage

    Exeed College is launching four distinct career-ready bachelor’s degree programs designed to address the growing global skills shortage. Developed in partnership with Guglielmo Marconi University Italy, and Woolf Malta, these programs aim to provide undergraduate students with a comprehensive education in business and computer science, preparing them for immediate entry into today’s competitive job market…

    Our Student Base

    Exeed College, along with the state-of-the-art online MBA programmes, prides itself in its rich and varied demography of learners from almost 100-plus nationalities, including professionals from UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Mauritius, Egypt, Lagos, Nigeria, South Africa, Morocco, Kenya, Ghana, Ethiopia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and more.

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    Our learners occupy top positions in companies across industries and some of the world’s best-known firms

    Trusted By

    More than 50 leading regional corporates have trusted Exeed – Westford Education Group to cater to their learning and development needs. Exeed designs and delivers industry-relevant, pragmatic, effective, and internationally recognized executive education and corporate training using its 3D methodology and business-driven action learning approach.