Episode - 4

Digital Learning with Paul Michael Gledhill

Paul Michael Gledhill, the co-founder of XpertLearning and MEA HR & Learning, joins Rohit Bassi on the Talkex series. Paul shared his insights about entrepreneurship, digital learning, and some of the trends and practices in the L&D industry.  A pioneer in research on technology-enabled learning in the region, Paul has strong business acumen in digital learning and investing in technology.


Paul Michael Gledhill

Paul Michael Gledhill is the co-founder of XpertLearning and MEA HR & Learning. 

He is a  thought leader and entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in the Middle East with specialist knowledge of Leadership and HR & Talent Technology for Performance innovation. 

A board advisor, keynote presenter, conference chair, and facilitator of events, conferences, and round tables in the region. A member of the board of directors for the Middle East e-Learning Association www.me-ea.org

Co-Founder and Executive Director of XpertLearning, providing technology-based learning solutions to leading corporate, academic and government organizations. www.xpertlearning.com.