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Episode 6

Sherpa of Coaches with Arjun Aiyar

In the sixth episode of Talkex, Rohit Bassi talks with Arjun Aiyar, a life coach and owner of Step UP, a corporate training company in Dubai. Over the last 23 years, Arjun has guided scores of companies and thousands of individuals to the summit of excellence.


Arjun Aiyar

Arjun Aiyar—the trainer, coach & director of StepUP Management Solutions, Dubai—provides customized Behavioral & Soft Skills Training, Leadership & Life Coaching to corporates and individuals. A motivational speaker, his passion is one-on-one life coaching, and that’s where he uses his greatest asset – intuition. Arjun is an ‘Energy Alchemist’ of sorts and has helped scores of people transform their thinking – and thus their life. Today, Arjun’s company adds value to corporates through programs like customer service, team building, leadership, communication skills, time & stress management, selling skills, emotional intelligence, work-life balance, etc.