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12 Higher Education Providers revolutionizing the way we learn for the future of work

Westford Education Group institutions have become a popular choice for learners worldwide seeking higher education in business, teaching, information technology, psychology, and fashion. With online and blended learning options, the group institutions have impacted the lives of thousands of students across 125 countries since 2009. 

The 12 institutions that are a part of Westford Education Group are briefly introduced below:

Westford University College

Established in 2009, The Westford University College has become the most trusted executive educational institution in UAE. They offer top-rated MBA Programs, Bachelors Courses, and Professional Programs to students from all over the world. With 2 campuses, over 13,300 students, 80+ courses, 130+ nationalities, and 20+ academic partnerships, Westford University College has been providing affordable programs for both regular students and working professionals.

Exeed College

Exeed College is a part of the Westford Education Group and was established in 2016. They offer top-rated online and blended learning academic programs. Based in the UAE, Exeed College provides Doctorate programs in business administration and education, specialized MBA programs, master’s programs in education, and teacher qualification programs across GCC, African, Asian, South East, and European countries. The programs are offered in collaboration with leading international universities and awarding organizations such as UCAM Catholic University of Murcia, Spain, Plymouth Marjon University, UK, Carolina University, US, City University, Malaysia, Liverpool John Moores University, UK, Woolf, Malta, CMI, UK, SQA, UK and NCFE CACHE, UK. Exeed College’s exceptional educational programs help learners excel in their areas of expertise and reinvent themselves.

To know more about the top programs, visit :

Acacia University

Acacia University, located in Arizona, US, and standing as a symbol of regeneration and perseverance, was founded on the principle of integrity. In 2003, Educational Cyberconnections, Inc. began a partnership with the Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation (CITA) to provide onsite training to CITA schools in Egypt, Pakistan, United Emirates, and China. This training created a demand for additional and continuing training that resulted in establishing an onsite and online program under the title of CITA Teacher Certification Program. 

Acacia University was founded in 2011. It was formerly known as the American Graduate School of Education, and its name was changed to Acacia University on May 11, 2012. The school aims to provide accessible, quality education to a multi-cultural, global learning community through online/distance learning. As technology advances and students look for greater flexibility and accessibility with education, Acacia aims to utilize the capabilities of digital pedagogies to create new experiences and services. Acacia offers Doctoral and master’s programs in education and educational administration.  It has recently launched non-degree studies to provide focused training in technology for adult learners.

Eaton Business School

At Eaton Business School, learners are provided with the opportunity to identify real-world trends and be prepared to utilize the opportunities that come with them. With a diverse student body consisting of more than 100 nationalities, the school offers live interactive online sessions to make the learning journey effective for all. Eaton Business School does not simply teach or help students learn, but rather assists them in the learning process and provides the necessary resources to achieve their goals.

The school’s policy is to offer an accredited education through relationships with accredited universities and internationally recognized awarding bodies in the United Kingdom and Europe. Globally accepted certifications are provided to students, which are in line with current market trends and business requirements. Additionally, the credit transfer options from the Master level Extended Diploma program provide students with direct access to the final dissertation stage of an MBA/MA/MSC from several prestigious universities.


Athena Global Education (AGE) also known as Uniathena operates as a subsidiary of Westford Education Group, a provider of higher education services since 2009, offering quality UK, Italian, and Spanish Bachelor and Master level degrees. Over the years, AGE has assisted thousands of learners from across the globe to achieve their higher education aspirations and professional goals.

Westford Education Group has established partnerships with numerous internationally accredited universities, awarding organizations, and professional bodies, enabling them to offer high-quality and fully accredited programs worldwide. Among these partners are Cardiff Metropolitan University, the University of Wolverhampton, Guglielmo Marconi University, Fort Hays State University, Pearson Education, and the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) of the UK.

Uniathena represents the latest venture of Westford Education Group, built upon the core principle that quality higher education is a right that should be accessible and affordable to all. The primary pillars of this venture are Accessibility and Affordability, and AGE has developed courses that support and reflect these key values.

Demont Institute of Management and Technology

DeMont Institute of Management and Technology was established in 2020. It is an up-and-coming hub for higher education, where students can pursue their dreams of becoming successful professionals. DeMont has mastered the art, science and practice of providing quality UK education with optimum result-centric teaching models that include pedagogical and blended forms of learning. Our courses are designed for students from all walks of life. At the core of our institution’s values lies the determination to impart education not only for the purpose of offering accredited certifications but to deliver lessons that will alter our students’ work experience for the better. DeMont aspires to pave a promising career pathway for all those who walk through its doors with a desire to learn and grow.

Novelle Business School

Novelle Business School is a private higher educational institute located in Annecy, France. It is formerly known as NESMA, Annecy. The school was taken over by Westford Higher Education in 2022. NBS’s vision is to offer quality business programs that address the need and demand of the current workforce. NBS’s vision is to be a business school of excellence and cater to students from all around the world. NBS will offer onsite bachelors and masters degree programs which will be taught in French and English. NBS will also accommodate foreign students from other countries. We aim to prepare our students to be dynamic professionals and succeed in an evolving corporate world.

GEX Business School

GEX Business School, based in France, was founded by a private Swiss university group called SWISS UMEF UNIVERSITY, which was created in 1984 in Geneva and offers a range of training programmes including doctorates. The School aims to be the cross-border reference training centre for future leaders who will have a better global vision and skills corresponding to the needs that are in demand today. The business school emphasises useful training, balancing theory and practice with its international faculty who know about job markets all over the world. The ability to combine proximity with vast openness makes GEX Business School a favourite choice. It is also worth mentioning that all programmes offered here are entitled to double diplomas from GEX School of Management and Swiss UMEF University, Geneva Switzerland. Choosing a school or university today is an essential decision because it determines your career path later on.

Airtics Education

Airtics Education is the next evolution of edtech company from the prestigious Westford Education Group, offering top IT certification programs ideal for working professionals and fresh graduates. A pioneer in technical education solutions, Airtics intends to fill tech-related industry requirements by adopting a teaching methodology via a curriculum designed and fine-tuned by expert academicians and industry specialists. Intending to fill gaps in tech-related industry requirements, Airtics provides training and internships in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, Data Visualization and related topics. Airtics recently launched The Master in Data Science (MDS) program, which is a one-year course designed to give experienced professionals a thorough education in data science.

Coding School 

Coding School offers technology education to primary and secondary students, has collaborated with K-12 schools to establish Robotics and STEM labs, providing a creative curriculum that focuses on robotics, coding, and other related topics to facilitate student learning. It also offers a state-of-the-art child-friendly multi-level learning experience designed to teach coding and robotics to children aged 6 and above. To supplement this curriculum, the division has created INLEARN–an app that offers high-definition recorded video tutorials for students in grades 6-12 following the Indian syllabus–and received approval from KHDA for these initiatives.

Exeed ECX

Exeed ECX is a subsidiary of Exeed College, one of Westford Education Group’s prestigious higher education entities. The creation of Exeed ECX, a global network of satellite centers spanning 20 countries and 40 centers, brings world-class international degrees closer to students’ homes by offering innovative educational via blended learning. Exeed ECX opened satellite centres in UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, China, Egypt, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Kenya, Mauritius, Malawi, Botswana and Tanzania. Exeed ECX already offers 22 programs at various academic levels, and enrollment is expected to soar.

Westford Uni Online

Westford Education Group has gained significant recognition in the education sector for its onsite, online, and blended programs. As a result, the institution has become a trusted education provider not only in the Middle East but also in other regions. This recognition led to the establishment of Westford Uni Online (WOU), which aligns with the institution’s motto of “Study anytime anywhere” while maintaining a healthy work-life-study balance.

The vision of Westford Education Group is to provide affordable and quality education to aspiring learners worldwide. WOU, as a synchronous learning platform, offers blended programs that make learning efficient, engaging, and enriching. The pedagogical approach of WOU combines live interactive sessions with self-study via prerecorded classes, all supported by exceptional faculty.


These higher education providers are leveraging technology including Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain to create innovative learning experiences that are more accessible, flexible, and personalized than traditional educational models.

One of the key ways in which these educational providers are changing the game is through their emphasis on skills-based learning. Rather than focusing solely on academic credentials, these providers are prioritizing the acquisition of practical skills and competencies that are directly applicable to the modern workplace. 

This approach is helping learners to bridge the gap between education and employment, equipping them with the knowledge, skills and competencies they need to succeed in a rapidly evolving job market.

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