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15 Best Performing Online MBA Programs in UAE

The Middle East is a growing region for graduate business education. In the past couple of years, the Middle East has made itself one of the most sought-after destinations for MBA educations. There are a number of local schools that boast of accreditation, and flexible programs to carter for the needs of both local and international students. Earning an MBA is a blessing both in the short and long term.

What studying for an online MBA program UAE gives you is a chance to hone your business and managerial skills, and gain firsthand experience on how business is done in such part of the world.

Giving the fact that there are numerous online MBA programs, it can be a bit difficult making a pick. We’ve done the tough task of narrowing down the best online MBA programs in the UAE for you. Check out our list below.

Best Online MBA Programs UAE

  1. Westford University College
  2. Exeed College
  3. University of Leicester
  4. University of Northampton
  5. London Business School
  6. American University in Dubai
  7. Eaton Business School
  8. SP Jain School of Global Management

Westford University College

From international finance to successful business practices, to entrepreneurship, and so on, Westford College offers the best curriculum to hone your skills and give you a competitive advantage.

Exeed College (Recommended)

Exeed College offers one of the best online MBA programs in Dubai,UAE. It offers a flexible program that allows students to get the best of both worlds. It also has a detailed curriculum that helps students to refine their skills and exposes them to the reality of the business and entrepreneurship world.

Exeed provides a state of the art fast track online MBA program suitable for both local and international students. Students can graduate with masters in 12 months.  Apply now and receive a 10% discount on tuition fee.

University of Leicester

The University of Leicester offers a customizable online program. The classes can be tailored to fit individual schedules. This state of the art MBA program can be done in 24 to 32 months.

University of Northampton

Elevate your MBA aspirations with this leading online MBA program. This world-class program focuses on bringing out the leader in you, and turns you into a business expert right from the start.

London Business School

London Business School prides itself in developing exceptional managers who can adequately handle the complexity observed in today’s world.

American University in Dubai

Looking for a career change or you want to start your business, or you want to move up in your organization, then the online MBA program at America University in Dubai is tailored for you.

Eaton Business School

Eaton Business School boasts of developing exceptional talents that are adept with the skills, knowledge and experience of promoting corporate and management growth on all levels.

SP Jain School of Global Management

This MBA program offers students the chance to gain a transformative experience that will provide the right foundations for a comprehensive understanding of business management.

Hult Business School

Hult’s online MBA program is a whole new experience that will elevate you beyond business. It shows you so much about yourself, the world, and the future.

University of Dubai

In today’s competitive market, you need the right skills, and knowledge to set you apart from the rest. The University of Dubai gives students the platform that sets them on the right path.

Cass Business School

Cass Business School provides students with a unique way to gain practical skills in management, entrepreneurship, and leadership. It offers students adaptive business skills to manage an ever-changing world.

INSEAD Business School

INSEAD offers a great fast-tracked 14 months MBA program. There is a round-the-clock academic support, as well as a comprehensive curriculum that gives students the chance to study from home.

Zayed University

The MBA program offers a detailed academic approach to assist students in preparing for a complex business world. The program takes a more personal approach in helping students building on their skills, knowledge, and experience.

Edinburgh Business School

It offers a premium MBA program to carter for the needs of students all over the world. Edinburgh business school prides itself in its flexibility. Students can take advantage of the flexible payment options, as well as a hands-on teaching approach from professors and staffs.

Middlesex University Dubai

Balance your work, home and education by taking advantage of the Middlesex University Dubai MBA program. The program is flexible, and it can be customized to fit student’s demands, and needs.

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Best Online MBA Programs

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