Importance of tertiary education in Nigeria

Importance of Tertiary Education in Nigeria

Education is excellent but not excellence in its entirety. The wide and immediate impact of tertiary education isn’t debatable in any growing economy. Some of the best innovations were from scholars with ample knowledge. An educated economy or society is envied by all countries because of what and how it has turned out in varying working countries.

Countries like Germany, USA, Canada and the United Kingdom are consistently reaping the rewards of investing in education. The rewards may have not been immediate but they are worth it.

Many innovations like penicillin, the internet, and the computer were birthed in schooling environment or via research projects. This is no wonder why more and more countries heavily invest in their education sector.

Master in Business Administration (MBA) has become a very popular and mainstay program in Europe and it immediate environments. It is a two-year graduate level degree pursued after earning a bachelor’s degree. It is a fascinating program in which every business or management folk want to take due to its credibility, business principles, organizational skills, critical and strategic thinking and problem solving acumen.

It gives students leadership experience and hands-on experience on what to experience in the corporate world. MBA has proved to be a part of force rekindling major economies. Europeans do not joke with programs like MBA. This equally account for the amount paid for the program.

Nigeria is a country trying to weigh if the investment in education would be worth it. This is very appalling and it is no surprise that young people, graduate and other working class try to seek educational opportunities abroad. There exist in Nigeria unique sites, good learning environment and beautiful cultures to make it a good location for MBA. While talks are on-going, a great way to catch up is through online MBA.

Taking an online MBA in Nigeria is more like taking it in centres and having your coursework spelt out except there isn’t any physical learning. The edge taking MBA online has is it allows self-paced learning i.e. you don’t have to come to class at a fixed time or come up with your assignment as told by your lecturers. You do everything at your pace; perfectly combining your program with other things you are engaged with.

Online MBA in Nigeria is important because of:

  1. Ability to learn from professionals

There is a lot to learn before you plunge into your career. Things like mistakes, challenges, successes and even fake accomplishments are easily noted by professional who have been there. By learning from them, you see management from a better perspective and you approach every task intelligently when you fully get into the industry.

  1. Academic certificates

There are places you can’t be hired except you have an MBA certificate. Why? It is believed that, to have been able to go for your MBA and achieving overall distinction makes you a better person. They also believe you alone have the necessary skills to succeed in their organization because MBA provides deep learning curve on subject matters.

  1. Salary package

No organization would pay an MBA certificate holder the same package as a bachelor degree holder. MBA holders are prized asset; companies give them juicy offers so they can stay for how long they want.

Online MBA in Nigeria is for ambitious people who choose to change their world by seeking career in management.

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MBA in Dubai

Why Study MBA in Dubai in 2022?

Global MBA programs are increasingly becoming a requirement for a successful professional career. The UAE has been a growing MBA market for several years, providing professionals from all over the world with the opportunity to gain first-hand business education and experience.

The UAE’s desire to invest in profitable business methods and business education has fueled the growth of the MBA sector. With such initiatives, the nation is helping to develop a new generation of business leaders who can propel the region’s economy forward.

Benefits of an MBA Degree

Most people with a business career regard an MBA to be a worthwhile investment; nonetheless, people pursue this level of education at different times in their careers. An MBA provides numerous benefits, ranging from career growth to a plethora of work choices.

This management degree can be done after a bachelor’s degree in any discipline. 

People with an Advanced Diploma or Associate Degree or learning equivalent to an AQF Level 6 qualification and at least 3 years of relevant work experience can also join. 

Experienced managers, business owners, and those with significant technical experience can also apply for MBA programs without having a bachelor’s degree.

But that is actually the basic criterion for applying. A rigorous screening takes place after that, often with the help of selection tests to identify the exact talents who can be groomed as future managers of the companies.

The course content is carefully drafted keeping in mind all the practical problems that can surface while managing a company. The possible solutions to each problem are also covered in the course.

An MBA is a highly important qualification that can help a candidate secure a position, even if it is managerial in nature, as long as the individual has the necessary experience for the level of the work. 

Listed are some of the most in-demand MBA programs offered in 2022.

MBA Programs in UAE:

MBA programs consist of some general papers and some special papers. Based on the special papers or the specialization that the students choose, the MBA programs can be classified into the following branches:

MBA in General Management

The program will prepare you for roles in General Management, Branch Management, Business Unit Management and Strategic Business Unit Management. It will help you to develop the core skills and professional competencies to take on senior management or leadership roles in the public or private sector.

MBA in Operations and Project Management 

It is designed for career progressive management professionals. The course includes real-world case studies that equip students with the skills required to seamlessly manage projects and operations. Operations management is a field that majorly focuses on the development, production, and manufacturing of goods. 

MBA in Global Banking and Finance

This program will guide you through management and technical skills, and develop you into a broadly knowledgeable professional, capable of performing at the top of the international banking and finance industry. It will equip for roles in Retail Banking, Wholesale Banking, Commercial Banking and Financial Services as Relationship Manager, Product Manager, Sales Manager, Asset Manager and Portfolio Manager.

MBA in Global Healthcare Management 

Designed for career progressive healthcare management professionals, the program will prepare for roles in Health administration, healthcare information, healthcare and life sciences and healthcare procurement etc.

MBA in Global Sports Management 

This program explores the fundamentals of management that concern the sport industry and will  prepare the learners for management careers in sports organizations, teams, clubs, sportspersons, venues, telecasting and events.

MBA in Business Analytics 

Specializing in business analytics is a great way to future-proof your career and understand how business can leverage big data. Executive MBA in Business Analytics program will prepare for roles in Marketing, Research, Operations, IT, Supply Chain and Consultancy etc.

MBA in Accounting and Finance

A Master’s degree in Finance or Master of Business Administration degree in Accounting and Finance is designed to prepare a graduate for a career in financial analysis, credit management, investment management, investment banking, hedge funds, private equity, personal financial adviser and corporate finance.

MBA in Marketing Management 

This degree prepares students for careers in strategic marketing management of businesses, health care organisations, government agencies, and non-profit enterprises. The degree will equip students with the theories, methods and systems needed for the strategic analysis, development, execution and measurement of marketing programs.

MBA in Artificial Intelligence and Block chain 

The MBA program in Artificial Intelligence and Block chain is designed to provide learners with the knowledge and understanding of the innovative technologies of Artificial Intelligence and Block chain and prepare them for a management career in the field.

MBA in Agile Supply Management 

This comprehensive program is designed for the supply chain professionals who are looking forward to a great career in the shipping, logistics, supply chain, and procurement industry.  

It is specially designed for the professionals who want to gain a comprehensive outlook of the Supply Chain industry and be abreast with the latest trends in the domain. 

MBA in Energy & Sustainability

MBA programs in Energy & Sustainability are designed to prepare tomorrow’s business leaders to solve issues in global energy and environmental sustainability. Participating in this program will provide you with all the tools you need to launch a successful career as a manager in the (clean) energy sector.

MBA in Health and Safety Leadership

The goal of this program is to provide a practical grasp of occupational health and safety legislation and requirements, as well as to improve abilities in ensuring a safe working environment, with suitable theoretical and conceptual analysis.

MBA in Public Relations and Advertising  

MBA in Public Relations and Advertising will enable the students to understand the principles of public relations and advertising and to explain the ways in which they can be used to develop successful PR and advertising strategies.

MBA in Quality Management

The program provides learners with the opportunity to gain a practitioner-focused MBA, laying the foundations for a critically aware and holistic understanding of business management, with a particular focus on quality management.

MBA in New Media and Information Management

The program draws upon internationally recognized research into social media monitoring and business intelligence solutions, emphasizing their impact on interactive marketing, stakeholder engagement, and virtual community building.

MBA in Dubai

Dubai has emerged on the world stage as a city with a large influx of business, wealth and influence. Studying MBA in Dubai in 2022 can help graduates succeed regardless of their MBA specialty. Moreover, it can help give you access to the world’s most influential markets and business leaders. 

The best part?

One thing that makes these programs lucrative is that you can study while you work. Designed for business professionals who are serious about improving their careers, these MBA programs prepare them for leadership and transformational roles in business. The learners also get the ultimate flexibility in choosing the mode of learning. 

With the latest synchronous online learning technology, they will be a part of a live classroom of students joining from all over the world and gain hands-on international experience and exposure. 

With the support of world-class faculty with a wealth of academic and practical experience globally, the learners can develop their understanding of the core disciplines that contribute to the study of management. 

An MBA in Dubai gives you strong leadership skills, a strong business foundation, and the ability to think strategically for the global business community. 

Once you are in and succeed in your program, your future is set for a grand lifestyle with all the amenities that is sanely possible to avail.

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MBA after Engineering

7 Benefits of MBA after Engineering

A Bachelor in Engineering is a technical degree that signifies that you’ve specialized in one specific area of engineering like Mechanical engineering, Chemical Engineering and so on. An engineering degree is a specialty course that focuses on specific subjects relating to the course of study.

It helps you to acquire the technical skills needed for your profession. However, in the current working environment, having an engineering degree alone is not sufficient. Nowadays, to give yourself a good base in your career path, you need a post-graduate degree, and this is where an MBA comes into play.

Business, organizations, and companies need more than just specialty qualifications. They need people who understand the business environment, and can effectively work in it. Organizations are looking for leaders that can work, and also carry others along with them. Management skills are now the core requirements for organizations.

Along with your technical skills, it is vital that you can show management skills in the workplace. Organizations are looking for people that can do the work, and also motivate others to follow suit. The business environment nowadays doesn’t just need workers, but rather leaders that can deliver results, and handle responsibilities.

List of some of the benefits of an MBA after an engineering degree.

  1. An MBA will help you develop your managerial skills, and adequately prepare you for real-world problems
  2. It will give you a sound foundation in business that will help you understand business as a whole while helping you to develop a holistic approach to the work environment.
  3. It gives you a competitive advantage and helps you climb the corporate ladder. The skills and knowledge you will learn along the way will help to distinguish you from amongst your contemporaries.
  4. An MBA helps you to build a favorable career path. It is proof that you are not just sound in the principles of your engineering background, but also in areas that have to do with finance, marketing, and management.
  5. It will help you move up the corporate ladder. It offers an easy way for you to transition from a technical role to a managerial role easily.
  6. Opens the door to an extensive array of career opportunities. You can easily enter into different levels of managerial positions along with technical positions in relation to your engineering field.
  7. It helps you to develop your personality as well. It helps to equip you with the right people skills, presentation skills, communication skills, and lots more.

There are so many benefits of having an MBA after an engineering degree. You should seriously consider having an MBA if you want to gain a competitive advantage over your peers.

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Some of the best MBA Specializations

  1. MBA in Operations & Project Management
  2. MBA in Health & Safety
  3. MBA in Accounting & Finance
  4. MBA in Global Banking & Finance
  5. MBA in Marketing Management
  6. MBA in Business Analytics
  7. MBA in Artificial Intelligence and Block chain

Entrepreneurship MBA Programs

7 Best Entrepreneurship MBA Programs

Recently, there has been a rise in the number of startups founded and co-founded by MBAs from some of the leading business schools in the world. This sudden rise shows that entrepreneurial skills are now becoming a leading aspect of regular MBA curriculum, irrespective of whether students later go on to start their business or companies after graduation.

In the world today, there is an increase in the demand for entrepreneurial MBA graduates who are well vast in the various business operations.

We’ve created a list of seven of the best entrepreneurship MBA programs with the right resources to develop “baby” entrepreneurs. Take a look at our list below to know who makes the list.

1. MBA in Leadership

This MBA program is very essential for any aspiring entrepreneurs. The program looks to integrate students with effective and efficient leadership concepts and theories that are beneficial to administrative purposes.

The program emphasizes on the key aspects of leadership that progress from an individual level to a more organizational platform. The program teaches entrepreneurs effective leadership strategies.

2. MBA in Organizational Management

The ability to analyze and manage an organization is a key prerequisite of being a successful entrepreneur. This program teaches entrepreneurs how to view organization as a social system while taking note of the effects it has on employee attitudes and behavior.

The program touches on organizational effectiveness and other essential areas that deal with organizational structures.

3. MBA in Managerial Accounting

No business is complete without accounting. Accounting has been a vital part of in any entrepreneurial pursuit, and that is why it is part of the best entrepreneurship MBA programs.

The program exposes you to management accounting and its role in a business setting. It also focuses on budgetary systems and their relation to business operations.

For more details: MBA in Accounting and Finance

4. MBA in Marketing Management

Marketing management is important as long as any business setting is concerned. It deals directly with customers and consumer behaviors in the short, and long run. The marketing management program focuses on marketing systems, and how to make smart marketing choices.

Everything is done in a business and non-business settings so you can get a complete exposure.

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5. MBA in Investments

Investments are a key part of any business. An MBA in Investments is one of the most sought after MBA programs for entrepreneurs. The program focuses on investment analysis, and it also looks at portfolio theory. The program also teaches various investment strategy and also how they can make intelligent diversification decisions.

6. MBA in Operations and Project Management

The success of any endeavor rests on how the clarity, and simplicity of the aims and objectives. The operations and project management program teaches formal discipline in regards to the start and completion of any project. The program teaches the various project and operations management concepts.

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7. MBA in Entrepreneurial Management

An MBA in Entrepreneurial management focuses on ways via which entrepreneurs can maximize opportunities an turn them into tangible result for their businesses.

The program also focuses on real-life opportunities and challenges that would impact business at various stages.

Here are some additional resources that would help you:

Best Online or Part Time MBA Programs for Working Executives


Why get an MBA degree? (Top Reasons)

Education can’t be confined within the limits to put an end to. How much your state of affairs permits you to pursue…..go on uninterrupted. Acquired degrees and disciplines certainly could drive you to the heights of dignity. You may have the examples of popular uneducated / less educated personalities who have achieved the fame without the education. Remember, the number of such eminence would be a handful, but the renowned ones who subjugated the peak of reputation via education are ten times further. Never rely on your luck to act for you. The crucial thing which matters above all is your enthusiasm.

At times we may realise that the education which we have gained isn’t enough to meet the needs such as:

  • Job promotion
  • Financial security
  • Detection of identity and the like….

Hence, time may demand you to have further updated educational eligibility in order to qualify yourself to acquire aforesaid achievements. But the flash of realisation would be at the eleventh hour of your learning capacity. Never wait till then. It’s accurately said that ‘Time and tide wait for none’. Hence, think prudent and renew your knowledge in order to be authoritative before it’s too late. Your aptitude supported by credentials can lead you to the aspired fame.

Let us analyse which is the most popular and accepted degree around the world??

Which degree could guide you to the top leads??

The answer is MBA!!

Nowadays MBA is considered internationally as the most promising option to reach our career goals. Glam of the course can help you attain:

  • Lacking managerial Skills
  • Brand value
  • Pioneering outlook
  • Ample exposure
  • Fiscal stability and so on….

Most of the companies have made it mandatory to possess MBA as an additional requirement especially to handle the top management terrain. If you exercise language proficiency and effective communication skills along with the MBA track, you can naturally be the master of your future.

“Education is not preparation for life; Education is life itself” – John Dewey

Top MBA programs for business professionals

  1. One Year Online MBA in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah (UAE)
  2. Best MBA in Accounting and Finance
  3. Online MBA in Operations and Project Management
  4. MBA in Health and Safety Leadership
  5. MBA in Marketing Management
International MBA

How an International MBA can improve your career?

Finding a good way to improve your career can be very tough nowadays. But there are always some methods you can use to kick start and also boost your career in meaningful ways. Getting an international MBA is very important, and it can do wonders at all times.

The International MBA will help you develop skills in some major business-related areas. It will also make it easy to create your professional and personal networks as well.

1. It can boost your salary

When you get an International MBA from any of the online MBA programs in UAE, you know that you can boost your career and gain more skills as well. The MBA certification is highly coveted in the Middle East region, and it can help you get a better paycheck. Sure, it comes with additional responsibilities, but in the end, you get to earn more, and that on its own can be super important!

2. Great chances to get employed

Finding a good job can be very challenging without the right experience. That’s why it can be a very good idea to attend one of the best MBA colleges in Dubai. The MBA certification will offer you an increased employability prospect. Plus, you can focus on a niche career, which can end up being a great thing for you.

3. You get to access new skills

The International MBA is very good because it allows you to access some international skills that will help expand your professional footprint. Usually, it can take a lot of time and effort and in the long run that can be a very demanding situation you have to deal with.

4. Expanding your network

What you have to realize is that the International MBA offers you a great opportunity to connect with people from all over the world. Senior managers recommend you to get an International MBA because it offers you the best prospects and most impressive results with your career. Yes, there are obvious pros and cons, but in the long run, the outcome can be nothing short of amazing.

5. A great way to feed your entrepreneur ideas

The International MBA offers you a very good way for you to find new ideas and expand your way of thinking. From here to coming back to the country with some new business ideas and improved productivity options it will be one single step. That’s why, experts encourage you to get an International MBA because it can help you immensely in the long run!

In conclusion, opting for an International MBA may very well be one of the best ways to grow your business and take it to the next level.

It’s not going to be a walk in the park when it comes to finding the best Online MBA in Dubai. But the return on investment can be more than ok in the end. Just remember, opting for an International MBA comes with its fair share of challenges. But it’s a rewarding, very interesting experience and one that has the opportunity to define your future!

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About Author: Faisal Faruqui is a Manager of Corporate Relationships at Exeed College. He designs custom programs in engineering, technology, management, finance and leadership for organizations across middle east region.