Career Trends MBA Students Should Know in 2022

In recent years, career opportunities for MBA aspirants have witnessed a transition. They are in high demand in the tech sector, with leading global tech giants pulling the maximum number of MBA graduates. According to career experts, MBA jobs are all set to boom in 2022, with lack of skills and uncertainty in the business environment.

With most organizations shifting to new business models in the midst of the pandemic, the demand is likely to be stronger. It is the best opportunity for all the aspiring MBA students to know about the emerging trends in 2022. Here is a chance to pick the best opportunities and the ones worth knowing about.

A rise in jobs for MBA graduates in tech firms

Amidst the pandemic and even when working from home, employees at technology companies can do their jobs without sacrificing productivity. Apple became the first company to be valued at more than 3 trillion US dollars recently.

To put things into perspective, their success during the pandemic has resulted in an increase in annual MBA hiring during this time period. In 2019, 80 percent of tech companies reported plans to hire MBAs, but by 2021, that figure had risen to 96 percent. This could be a boon for international students.

More jobs in the healthcare sector

The healthcare industry comes up with enormous opportunities in the midst of the ongoing pandemic. The industry’s demand extends beyond healthcare professionals, with an increasing role of MBA graduates in the healthcare sector. The foremost reason being the introduction of innovative technologies such as predictive and preventative healthcare. According to experts, healthcare and biotech were the top recruiters for MBA graduates last year, and this trend is expected to continue in 2022.

Consulting firms hire MBA grads

Consulting firms are frequently ranked among the best places to work in the world. The industry is one of the top three sectors for MBAs to enter after graduation, along with finance and tech. Being a consultant allows you to put everything you’ve learned during your MBA to use. You will work with clients on projects spanning multiple industries and functions, as well as in teams comprising colleagues from all over the world. While most MBA programs can help you get a job as a consultant, MBA consulting specialisations focus on this career path more closely, preparing you for a career in the industry.

Opportunities in inclusivity and diversity

Sustainability is high on the political agenda, and it is also becoming increasingly important in business, with experts predicting a job boom in the field.

According to reports, companies with above-average diversity in their leadership teams achieved higher levels of innovation. Diversity and sustainability, according to career experts, will be a major focus for MBA recruiters in 2022. Employers across industries are looking for candidates who demonstrate these core values.

Surge in product management roles

Product management roles are one area that has seen an increase in interest. As these marketing-focused positions are becoming increasingly popular among MBAs, companies in a variety of industries look to MBA programs for product managers.  Experts are of the opinion that the number of people applying for these positions has increased to the point where firms can be more selective and ask for or look at candidates who have specific product experience prior to coming into that role.


Is it the right time to pursue an MBA?

Even before the pandemic, the corporate world had been rocked by technological development, political instability, and economic interconnectedness. Our current environment is described by a unique acronym, such as VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity). Radical change is considered as a significant challenge – an opportunity – for organisations all over the world. 

It is not surprising that demand for MBA graduates continues to climb. In 2021, 83% of businesses intended to hire MBA graduates. Less than  2020, 92% in  but still greater than any previous year. 

MBAs are driving the Fourth Industrial Revolution forward

The future of business will be defined by artificial intelligence (AI), augmented and virtual reality, block chain, drones, the Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, and 3D printing.

As a result, there will be an increase in demand for people who are knowledgeable with these technologies and techniques.

In response to the growing demand,  MBA graduate programs are including disciplines like data, analytics, and programming in their curricula. The purpose is to prepare graduates to work with and manage individuals who are fluent in these skills, not necessarily to generate graduates who are fluent in these skills.

A popular survey conducted among business school leaders, 95% feel that incorporating big data into the curriculum is critical. This was followed by experiential learning at 94%, digitisation at 93%, AI at 86%, and data visualisation at 83 %.

Popularity of part-time, flexible, online MBAs on the rise   

There has been a steady increase in popularity of MBA programmes in the recent years.  

A survey done by Graduate Management Admission Council™ (GMAC) in 2020 noted that  67% of all graduate management programs, including MBA programs, reported growth in applications from 2019 to 2020.

Part-time, self-paced MBA programs experienced the greatest rise in applications, with a 53% increase in applications. Flexible MBAs increased by 48.6%, while online MBAs increased by 43.5%.

However, the competition for a spot might be strong. This is compounded by the significant time commitment. A typical MBA can take one to three years to finish, which is a time commitment that many business professionals are unwilling to make. For this reason, getting Executive, Global online MBA programs from foreign universities are an appealing option for many working professionals.

Online courses allow you to apply what you’ve learned in the classroom and apply it at work in real time. It also means you may keep your skills up to date by augmenting your education with other online courses relevant to your work or sector.

Professionals from a variety of backgrounds are able to acquire the skills offered by MBA programs as the need for managerial and business skills grows and online learning and blended mode of learning lowers the hurdles to entry.

MBA salaries are on the high

Despite the worldwide economic downturn, salary trends for MBA graduates remain strong. From 2018 through 2020, the median yearly pay climbed substantially, peaking at $115,000 in 2020. That’s 77% more than the average bachelor’s degree holder. 

Pandemic-related management challenges, ranging from supply-chain disruptions to concerns about the future of labour, have encouraged a wide spectrum of companies to pay a premium for MBA expertise. 

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The impact of Great Resignation

The Great Resignation, also known as the Big Quit, is an economic trend that began in early 2021, predominantly in the United States, in which employees resigned from their jobs en masse. Wage stagnation in the face of increased living costs and concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic’s safety are two possible factors. The Great Resignation has been compared to a nationwide strike by some economists.

The employment market is booming in the aftermath of the Great Resignation. Organisations have been incentivised by the labour market to provide better benefits and higher compensation. Economists expect that the competition for top personnel will continue, with larger organisations that can provide better compensation coming out on top.

To conclude

Keeping in mind the growing demand for MBA skills, the increase in MBA applications, and the number of global MBA offers, it can be concluded that it is the right time for an MBA. Furthermore, as the corporate world continues to be characterised by upheaval, change, and uncertainty, experts who can lead, strategize, and evaluate will be in great demand.

5 Best Part Time MBA Programs in UAE (United Arab Emirates)

Having a career in the business world is something most corporate professionals envisage. However, the business environment usually comes with its ups and downs. Nevertheless, one key investment any business professional can make is earning an MBA (Master’s of Business Administration).

The UAE is one of the most sought-after destinations for the best MBA Programs. If you are in need of the best MBA college and program around the world, then look no further than Part time MBA in UAE. There are several amazing MBA Programs Dubai as well as other programs scattered across the various parts of the UAE, such as Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and so on.

The MBA offers numerous challenges to students in a variety of business settings such as accounting, finance, HR, and more.

Before you start any MBA Program, go through our list of top 5 MBA courses below. Apply now for any specialisation and receive 10% discount on tuition fees.

Top 5 Part Time MBA Programs in UAE

We want to see you excel in your graduate program, and in addition, we want you to make the best decision as you ponder on your next move. The following is a list of top MBA courses.

  1. MBA Project Management
  2. MBA Accounting and Finance
  3. MBA Global Banking and Finance
  4. MBA Marketing Management
  5. MBA Health and Safety

MBA Project Management

MBA Project Management provides the chance for students to learn a variety of management skills that can be employed to various organizations across diverse fields. Students have the opportunity to learn essential skills, such as finance, operations, and more.

Average Salary: Professionals in this field earn around $115, 000

MBA Accounting and Finance

Accounts are the guardians of money. The field of accounting is a truly enjoyable and exciting one. MBA Accounting and Finance opens the door to a whole new world of business administration and financial analysis. It also puts students in the right shape to take on management roles.

Average Salary: Professionals in this field earn around $150, 000

MBA Global Banking and Finance

This is one of the most sought-after skills in the business world. A student with an eye for finance would cherish MBA Global Banking and Finance. It gives students the platform to work in the financial sector anywhere in the world. It provides an opportunity to learn useful skills like operations, strategy, and finance on a global scale.

Average Salary: Professionals in this field earn around $120, 000

MBA Marketing Management

MBA Marketing Management offers you an opportunity to learn how to promote products and services. The course is designed to help you hone your marketing and communication skills.

Average Salary: Professionals in this field earn around $115, 000

MBA Health and Safety

This program is designed for health and safety professionals in need of an outstanding career in the health and safety industry. As a health and safety professional, your role is to co-ordinate all areas that have to do with health and safety in an organization.

Average Salary: Professionals in this field earn around $100,000


Earning an MBA from a prestigious school such as Exeed College gives you the chance to expand your career potential. An internationally recognized MBA degree will broaden your knowledge and skills as well as give you hands-on experience in leadership, management, and business.

Executive MBA in Saudi Arabia

How an Executive MBA Helps Working Professionals in Saudi Arabia

Working Professionals usually have a common aspiration, and that is to move up the management ladder. If you take a survey of the best of the best in any management field, you will see that they possess some collective qualities. These qualities usually revolve around a robust professional network, grounded knowledge, and skills, and experience. The combination of these three reasons is why professionals are pursuing their MBA more than ever.

The benefits of obtaining an Executive MBA in Saudi Arabia is quite extensive. Put simply an MBA Riyadh provides detailed training and exposure for career-focused professionals.

Most experts agree that an MBA degree is valuable for professionals both in the short and long term. One of the fears professionals have is that getting an MBA can be a long process. Time is a valuable asset, and people are reluctant to pursue an Executive MBA, however, with a Fast Track MBA, professionals can complete their program in 12 months. There has never a greater time to acquire an MBA than now. There is truly nothing to lose and everything to gain in starting an MBA program.

There are numerous ways; an executive MBA can help a working professional. Let’s check them out below;

Network Opportunities

MBA students have a robust exposure to several fields that provides access to various networking opportunities. When it comes to getting an Executive MBA in Saudi Arabia, students are not only getting the credential, but also knowledge, and building a network that will form a key part of their personal and professional lives

New learning experiences

A Fast track MBA in Jeddah is designed to help pros refresh their knowledge, increase experience and expertise, and more importantly widen the understanding of what makes a business successful. Generally, an MBA Riyadh offers new challenges and experiences.

A platform for a big career change

Professionals with an eye for a career change and movement in the management ladder should go all out to get an MBA. The skills and first-hand experience an MBA gives will help you cultivate and develop your existing professional expertise, and also put you on the path of success career-wise.

Adding Value

An MBA adds value not just to you, but to your workplace. It offers you the opportunity to accentuate your resume and add value to your salary. The process of earning an MBA is efficient and flexible, so you can easily apply what you learn in your workplace.


Saudi Arabia is one of the most thriving economies in the world. The country has done a fantastic job of becoming one of the most sought-after destinations in terms of tourism and education. The programs on offer do a great job in propelling the career of professionals all over the world.

Professionals from various fields are looking for a viable means to help them gain global recognition, and exposure, and what better way to do that than by acquiring an Executive MBA in Saudi Arabia.

Business Management Course

5 Benefits of Studying a Business Management Course

Business management course is helping to flexible the career of students. Master’s in business administration is the most popular business management course worldwide. Here are 5 benefits of studying a business management course in the below:

Improve morale

Providing training in management level can directly affect the morale of the organization as managers and they think more secure in a post where the organization invests money on personal growth and improvement. It doesn’t matter what type of management training students do, it has to boost personal and subordinates’ morale.

For example, proper training in this course conflict resolution can provide a manager the equipment to more skillfully run an organization. Further training on diversity in the workplace can be utilized and passed on to the team to create a more enjoyable work environment. Attending the training without wanting to go can have a negative effect instead of a positive boost up.

Better team productivity

It is mostly easy for the different areas to function independently and properly within a company. If students are doing a management course, it will bring all managers together to make team dynamics. Managers from the various departments will be capable to get together and brainstorm about ways in which the organizations can further complement each other. They can also set up goals and look at ways to achieve them.

Understanding the goals of other departments will make it easier to focus all energies on the bigger picture. Doing this course will teach students all the tips and tricks to build a productive team.

Change integration properly

In the new era, there is always everything changing within a business over time. Some changes are small while others may be more complicated.

Management training course will help organizations leaders develop and improve the strategies to implement new changes with the least amount of productivity interruption. As a management student, they’ll be trained on why new procedures, products or other changes are being made.

Better career opportunities

Students are graduate with a qualification in business management course have higher opportunity of obtaining and getting a high-level management position in the market. Upskilling students by doing a management course can help expand knowledge base and increase marketability.

It doesn’t matter whether they do or a degree or short course in management, it’ll still beef up the resume. It’s a win-win as they also become certified in a new skill. It shows the motivation and enterprise needed to boost up their careers. A wide and varied range of roles and careers become available when they study management.

Opportunity to start a new business

With enough knowledge and proper qualification, one will be able to start and manage his own business. Doing a management course is help in starting a new business those who are work as an employee in other organization. It is a big chance for them to change their lifestyle.

This course will teach everything that needs to know from product knowledge, how to deal with clients and employing people. Completing a management course helps to increase company’s productivity. By doing this course will give some essential tips on how to boost the company productivity is using a variety of methods and techniques that are proven to work.

Are you interested? If yes, check out some of the business management courses from various top ranked universities.

UCAM MBA Programs, Spain

University of South Wales MBA, UK

Carolina University American MBA

Is Getting An Online MBA in Saudi Arabia Worth It?

Saudi Arabia is good to go to change into the Arab World’s biggest economy. An energetic, flourishing, extending and dynamic country is the Vision for 2030 of Saudi Arabia. In 2019, the nation’s emphasis is on the improvement of its economy by diminishing the reliance on oil and contributing vigorously on the non-oil-based industries to broaden its scope over the world. At the extremely focal point of this change is the Human Capital of the country. It is significant now like never before to set up the nation’s workforce for an expanded and information-based economy. For this online and distance MBA degree in Saudi Arabia is worth for students.

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is awarded to graduate students who complete a program of study that explores various aspects of the business world, including marketing, finance, accounting, and human resources. It is both a professional and the terminal degree. Distance learning MBA Programs in Riyadh Saudi Arabia is becoming popular day after day. Employers’ developing acknowledgment of online MBAs is uplifting news for online students as business administration remains the most mainstream advanced education sought after on the online. Doing an online MBA in Riyadh and Jeddah is now beneficial for working people and it will also increase the capabilities of working professionals.

MBA gives students more opportunities to develop inside their field of ability and improve the work environment all together. An MBA in Project Management gives the establishment of a graduate degree in business organization, with an emphasis on initiative and critical thinking. A degree with an emphasis in Project Management shows an important range of abilities to any business hoping to turn out to be increasingly proficient and keep up profitability.

MBA in Project Management is a decent degree choice for various reasons.  Many of these programs incorporate opportunities that offer genuine experience of working in the field. While the student still advantages from center subjects of financial investigation and promotion, there is a focus on result-explicit courses, for example, time and cost the board which accentuates plan execution and oversight.

MBA in Health and Safety authority is a thorough program intended for the health and safety professionals who are searching forward for an extraordinary career in health and safety areas. Post the fruition of the program, the students will be granted a postgraduate diploma. A Health and Safety Manager is to build up, oversee and screen principles, forms, correspondences, preparing and frameworks to guarantee all obligations related to Health and Safety. And also Accounting and finance MBA degree programs prepare students for the business world through in-depth and advanced studies in finance, accounting, and business.

Students who obtain MBAs can accelerate their careers into a lucrative business, investment, management, or financial position. It will build up the skills and capabilities of the students in these particular fields of business. Saudi Arabia has some top-quality universities to provide online MBA and also distance learning program.

ROI of an MBA Program

ROI of an MBA Program

Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) as discussed in previous posts, still remains valid and very important. Graduates with an MBA degree are classified as savvy people due to what the program taught them and how well read and versatile they are. Having an MBA degree cannot be overemphasized because employer of labour knows how valuable the degree holders are.

The Return of Investment (ROI) on any business need be known before anything. PhD holders think of this, master’s degree holder think the same, businessmen also think of this and likewise every meaningful person. The ROI on MBA should and must be known before deciding whether to go for it or not.

Financial Return

The average tuition at a U.S. business school is $130,000 which is almost equivalent to fifty million naira (#50,000,000) in Nigeria currency. While the ROI for MBA differs from people to people, it is safe to know, money/salary tops the list. As much as some remain bent on having a high return in salary, others just want better networking opportunities as their return.

Let’s take some schools as an example. The sampling below talks about the salary before and after MBA as gathered from Princeton Review.

Stanford Business School was the first school with an average salary for MBA graduates at $125,000 and the tuition at $119,000. The ROI after 10 years was estimated to be 325 percent.

On second is Harvard Business School with an average salary of $125,000 and the tuition at $122,000. The ROI after 10 years is 320 percent.

All these sampling and calculations show exactly why business students decide to get an MBA degree.


While some look out for the monetary benefits, others stick to professional benefits as their ROI. One good reward of the MBA degree and experience is the type of network you build. While you keep in touch with your classmates, you should also extend this relationship to your lecturers, business leaders you encounter and your professors. Yes, the perks are good but the network is even better. Check for networking opportunities while researching the school you want to apply to. You can as well mail admission representative on how good their professional networking is.

Some group of graduates were asked what caused a sudden rise in their respective careers and their replies were because of the networks they had and knew. They also said that networking is not about you getting helped all the time. You have to show yourself useful and helpful too. This is the only way to have a meaningful network.

Your ROI is very much dependent on your choice, whether it is career advancement or salary, anyone that satisfies your desire. It is worthy to know that business school programs have been rightly placed to culture you, increase your knowledge, build your confidence, and help your leadership skills. All these are what ensure your ROI is massive.

EXEED School of Business and Finance, an institution of higher education, offers a truly value for money MBA program in partnership with UCAM Europe. Our students reported an increase of salary by 2 times post completion of the program.

Future of MBA Education

The Future of MBA Education – From the Director’s Desk

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin.

Truth is fact like this is surely worth more than gold. Benjamin said this 100+ years ago and it still stands true. Guess what hasn’t changed? The truth.

Welcome to Exeed College which was founded 2014 on a sprawl terrain with a diverse culture of knowledge and a deep-rooted learning base. We take pride in our enviable learning environment coupled with vast and sound lecturers.

At Exeed, we are tasked with the goal of first, imbibing the knowledge needed, two, developing your technical-know how on whatever field you choose to pursue, and finally helping you sail unhindered in the ever competitive world. We know who you are before wanting to apply for the MBA hence the use of developing the technical know how.

How does having an MBA better your life?

MBA means Master in Business Administration and it better your life by improving your critical thinking. Organizations worldwide value workers with critical thinking and they tend to look out for it even while recruiting. MBA helps you see and think better. During an MBA program, you make findings, question existing methods to maybe call attention to upgrade it. A graduate program allows you to specialize in a particular field compared to an undergraduate degree.

If you decide to pursue a master’s degree in a field you love, the reward is great. You do not learn the basics again, but how things work in the professional world. A second degree gives you an in-depth knowledge of field you seek. Apart from these, you also gain to network with professionals in and out of your field. The program allows people from different industry come together and here you can strike both professional and friendship relationship. Your network could prove to be the line between you and your next job or even a reference to your next job.

Remunerations that come with you working with a master’s degree are way higher than your peers with college degrees. No matter how much you love your field, a high pay and good plan will make you love it more. For some, they are contented doing what they love. An MBA makes this dream possible by compensating you with exactly what you need.

The Mission

The MBA’s primary mission is to provide the managerial skills and knowledge necessary to prepare students for success in entry and middle management positions.

Our mission is to further build professionals into world leaders capable of seizing opportunities whilst bettering their society.

The Value

While developing individuals with intellectual capacities and maximizing the program’s practices, we intend to create resilient and savvy business people.

Curriculum of School

We have worked on how to direct students in business value system. The courses brought up to help business ethics include Leadership, Corporate finance, human resource management amongst others. Other courses taught in Exeed to improve professionals’ understanding of the workplace are Operations and Project Management, Global Banking and Finance, Accounting, Health and Safety Leadership, Information Technology. We focus more on ethics because a business growth is down to a professional value system. You don’t value what you don’t know.

MBA in Dubai

Why Study MBA in Dubai in 2022?

Global MBA programs are increasingly becoming a requirement for a successful professional career. The UAE has been a growing MBA market for several years, providing professionals from all over the world with the opportunity to gain first-hand business education and experience.

The UAE’s desire to invest in profitable business methods and business education has fueled the growth of the MBA sector. With such initiatives, the nation is helping to develop a new generation of business leaders who can propel the region’s economy forward.

Benefits of an MBA Degree

Most people with a business career regard an MBA to be a worthwhile investment; nonetheless, people pursue this level of education at different times in their careers. An MBA provides numerous benefits, ranging from career growth to a plethora of work choices.

This management degree can be done after a bachelor’s degree in any discipline. 

People with an Advanced Diploma or Associate Degree or learning equivalent to an AQF Level 6 qualification and at least 3 years of relevant work experience can also join. 

Experienced managers, business owners, and those with significant technical experience can also apply for MBA programs without having a bachelor’s degree.

But that is actually the basic criterion for applying. A rigorous screening takes place after that, often with the help of selection tests to identify the exact talents who can be groomed as future managers of the companies.

The course content is carefully drafted keeping in mind all the practical problems that can surface while managing a company. The possible solutions to each problem are also covered in the course.

An MBA is a highly important qualification that can help a candidate secure a position, even if it is managerial in nature, as long as the individual has the necessary experience for the level of the work. 

Listed are some of the most in-demand MBA programs offered in 2022.

MBA Programs in UAE:

MBA programs consist of some general papers and some special papers. Based on the special papers or the specialization that the students choose, the MBA programs can be classified into the following branches:

MBA in General Management

The program will prepare you for roles in General Management, Branch Management, Business Unit Management and Strategic Business Unit Management. It will help you to develop the core skills and professional competencies to take on senior management or leadership roles in the public or private sector.

MBA in Operations and Project Management 

It is designed for career progressive management professionals. The course includes real-world case studies that equip students with the skills required to seamlessly manage projects and operations. Operations management is a field that majorly focuses on the development, production, and manufacturing of goods. 

MBA in Global Banking and Finance

This program will guide you through management and technical skills, and develop you into a broadly knowledgeable professional, capable of performing at the top of the international banking and finance industry. It will equip for roles in Retail Banking, Wholesale Banking, Commercial Banking and Financial Services as Relationship Manager, Product Manager, Sales Manager, Asset Manager and Portfolio Manager.

MBA in Global Healthcare Management 

Designed for career progressive healthcare management professionals, the program will prepare for roles in Health administration, healthcare information, healthcare and life sciences and healthcare procurement etc.

MBA in Global Sports Management 

This program explores the fundamentals of management that concern the sport industry and will  prepare the learners for management careers in sports organizations, teams, clubs, sportspersons, venues, telecasting and events.

MBA in Business Analytics 

Specializing in business analytics is a great way to future-proof your career and understand how business can leverage big data. Executive MBA in Business Analytics program will prepare for roles in Marketing, Research, Operations, IT, Supply Chain and Consultancy etc.

MBA in Accounting and Finance

A Master’s degree in Finance or Master of Business Administration degree in Accounting and Finance is designed to prepare a graduate for a career in financial analysis, credit management, investment management, investment banking, hedge funds, private equity, personal financial adviser and corporate finance.

MBA in Marketing Management 

This degree prepares students for careers in strategic marketing management of businesses, health care organisations, government agencies, and non-profit enterprises. The degree will equip students with the theories, methods and systems needed for the strategic analysis, development, execution and measurement of marketing programs.

MBA in Artificial Intelligence and Block chain 

The MBA program in Artificial Intelligence and Block chain is designed to provide learners with the knowledge and understanding of the innovative technologies of Artificial Intelligence and Block chain and prepare them for a management career in the field.

MBA in Agile Supply Management 

This comprehensive program is designed for the supply chain professionals who are looking forward to a great career in the shipping, logistics, supply chain, and procurement industry.  

It is specially designed for the professionals who want to gain a comprehensive outlook of the Supply Chain industry and be abreast with the latest trends in the domain. 

MBA in Energy & Sustainability

MBA programs in Energy & Sustainability are designed to prepare tomorrow’s business leaders to solve issues in global energy and environmental sustainability. Participating in this program will provide you with all the tools you need to launch a successful career as a manager in the (clean) energy sector.

MBA in Health and Safety Leadership

The goal of this program is to provide a practical grasp of occupational health and safety legislation and requirements, as well as to improve abilities in ensuring a safe working environment, with suitable theoretical and conceptual analysis.

MBA in Public Relations and Advertising  

MBA in Public Relations and Advertising will enable the students to understand the principles of public relations and advertising and to explain the ways in which they can be used to develop successful PR and advertising strategies.

MBA in Quality Management

The program provides learners with the opportunity to gain a practitioner-focused MBA, laying the foundations for a critically aware and holistic understanding of business management, with a particular focus on quality management.

MBA in New Media and Information Management

The program draws upon internationally recognized research into social media monitoring and business intelligence solutions, emphasizing their impact on interactive marketing, stakeholder engagement, and virtual community building.

MBA in Dubai

Dubai has emerged on the world stage as a city with a large influx of business, wealth and influence. Studying MBA in Dubai in 2022 can help graduates succeed regardless of their MBA specialty. Moreover, it can help give you access to the world’s most influential markets and business leaders. 

The best part?

One thing that makes these programs lucrative is that you can study while you work. Designed for business professionals who are serious about improving their careers, these MBA programs prepare them for leadership and transformational roles in business. The learners also get the ultimate flexibility in choosing the mode of learning. 

With the latest synchronous online learning technology, they will be a part of a live classroom of students joining from all over the world and gain hands-on international experience and exposure. 

With the support of world-class faculty with a wealth of academic and practical experience globally, the learners can develop their understanding of the core disciplines that contribute to the study of management. 

An MBA in Dubai gives you strong leadership skills, a strong business foundation, and the ability to think strategically for the global business community. 

Once you are in and succeed in your program, your future is set for a grand lifestyle with all the amenities that is sanely possible to avail.

What next? Apply for the best Online MBA in Dubai now!