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A Complete Guide to Studying a Diploma in Education and Training

Are you planning to join a Professional Global Diploma in Education (PGDE) program, but searching online “How does a PGDE program help boost your teaching career?”. Then read on!!

Let’s look at what this program has to offer. We can start with the requirements for enrolling in a PGDE program.

What are the Admission Requirements for a Postgraduate Diploma in Education

  • First, any candidate must have a degree or equivalent qualification in the relevant field. Specific disciplines may have different minimum criteria; therefore, it is better to check for additional details.
  • Furthermore, GCSE Maths and English language requirements must be met at grade 4 or higher, though an equivalency exam may be approved upon application if necessary. For candidates whose first language is not English, universities usually set a minimum level of English proficiency.
  • Finally, professional skills assessments must be completed as part of the application procedure.

These assessments evaluate your teaching skills, such as problem-solving, literacy strategies, and data analysis.

Why Study PGDE?

A PGDE program allows you to enhance your teaching abilities, including your knowledge, attitudes, and understanding of what it means to be a teacher.

Crafting Effective Educators

The PGDE program goes beyond teaching you how to teach. It will help you gain the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to excel in a senior-level role within a school or any similar educational institution. You’ll learn how to deliver lessons effectively and understand the responsibilities and obligations of the teaching profession.

Prepare for Senior Roles

By completing the PGDE program, you’ll be well-prepared to step into senior-level roles within educational institutions. Whether it’s a leadership position within a school or a role in educational administration, the knowledge and skills you’ve acquired will set you apart. As you progress through the PGDE program, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills needed to take on senior-level roles within educational institutions. You will learn to lead a department, mentor other teachers, or contribute to educational policy-making. Everything covered in the course, from educational psychology to curriculum development, will help you be an effective educational leader.

Practical know-hows

Sure, there’s the theory, but our PGDE program also emphasizes practical experiences. Through teaching placements and hands-on projects, you’ll have the opportunity to apply what you’ve learned. This ensures you’re both a knowledgeable educator and a skilled one.

Skills to deal with responsibilities

The role of a teacher comes with a host of responsibilities and obligations. The PGDE program helps you navigate these responsibilities, teaching you to create inclusive learning environments, support students with diverse needs, and uphold professional ethics and standards.

Continuing the Journey

The journey doesn’t end with the completion of the PGDE program. In fact, it’s just the beginning. As you step into your role as an educator, you should remember to continue learning and growing. To accomplish this goal, consider attending workshops, advancing your studies, and staying informed about the latest educational trends and advancements.

In short, the PGDE program prepares you to make a meaningful impact in your chosen field.

Register for a PGDE course with Exeed College.

Are you inspired to pursue a career in education after learning about the PGDE program? Consider enrolling in the Professional Global Diploma in Education (PGDE) program offered by Exeed College. Visit our  PGDE program page to learn more about the curriculum and what to expect.  When you’re ready to apply, simply click the “apply” button at the top or bottom of the page to kickstart your enrollment process.

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