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Is International Relations Right for You? A Career Exploration Guide 

Are you seeking promising career opportunities in the field of International Relations? If yes, a degree in international relations will help you find some amazing jobs with considerable future scope.  

There are varied career opportunities available in the field of International relations. In this article, we have mentioned everything required to help you understand the career prospects in international relations. 

Let’s start with understanding International Relations Studies. 

What are International Relations Studies?  

International Relations Studies involves teaching students about the relationships between countries and other communities across the globe. Here, you will learn how nations influence other nations’ actions and the absolute art of diplomacy.  

International relations are often connected with the cooperation of different nations to solve various issues. It can include health, management, trading, economics, and law. The study of international relations is enriched by history and significance. It allows you to look at the world from a global perspective.   

In this field, several subjects, including politics, history, economics, law, philosophy, etc., are intertwined into a single major. This sector allows professionals to pursue varied roles, projects, and sectors within global development. 

Main Roles and Responsibilities in International Relations 

Here are some of the major roles and responsibilities regarding international relations:  

  • Analyze and interpret international policies, legislation interests, and issues.  
  • Collaborate with international institutions.  
  • Predict political, economic, and social trends.  
  • Provide statements for the media regarding foreign policies and activities.  
  • Develop and maintain international partnerships.  
  • Create a strong relationship with different stakeholders.  

What are the Potential Career in International Relations?  

Now, let’s take a look at some of the main career opportunities to choose after completing  a degree in International Relations:  

Diplomat – Maintaining fine relations between countries  

An International Relations degree can allow you to become a diplomat. Here, you have to represent your country and showcase the nation’s interest in politics, trade, and consular services. Additionally, in some cases, you have to spend around three years in a foreign country.   

Duties and responsibilities:  

  • Acts as a bridge between the country you represent and where you are currently stationed.  
  • Gather and report all the essential information that can potentially impact your nation’s interest.  
  • Discuss, negotiate, and mediate issues regarding trade, commerce, economics, peace, and war with the local government.  

Lobbyists – Promoting ideas to authorities and decision-makers 

You can also become a lobbyist with the help of your degree in International Relations. Here, corporations, associations, or non-profit organizations hire these professionals to convince government members of any project that could benefit their company.  

Duties and responsibilities:  

  • Research, monitor, and analyse the legislation.  
  • Attend the congressional hearings. 
  • Utilise the communication tools to promote the ideas publically.  
  • Communicate with government policymakers.  

Political Analyst – Explain the political climate 

As a political analyst, you generally work under government employment. However, you can also work with media companies or research institutes.  

Duties and responsibilities:  

  • Informing and interpreting various political developments.  
  • Advise political parties, government officials, or the media.  
  • You have to put the events into the historical context.  
  • Predict the trends of politics and election results.  
  • Analyse laws, public policies, and government decisions.  

Intelligence Specialists – Collect state-critical information 

An international relations degree can help you become an intelligence specialist and work in the Navy, military, national security, and similar national government agencies.  

Duties and responsibilities:  

  • Gather and analyse operational intelligence data.  
  • Create reports, graphs, and statistics by evaluating the results.  
  • Maintain the databases, files, and libraries of the intelligence.  

What Next? 

To sum it up, international relations offers many different jobs you might like. We hope this article helped you see all the possibilities. If you’re interested, getting an online MBA in International Business Relations from Exeed College could be great. It can open up even more opportunities for you in this field. Good luck! 

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