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5 Best Part Time MBA Programs in UAE (United Arab Emirates)

Having a career in the business world is something most corporate professionals envisage. However, the business environment usually comes with its ups and downs. Nevertheless, one key investment any business professional can make is earning an MBA (Master’s of Business Administration).

The UAE is one of the most sought-after destinations for the best MBA Programs. If you are in need of the best MBA college and program around the world, then look no further than Part time MBA in UAE. There are several amazing MBA Programs Dubai as well as other programs scattered across the various parts of the UAE, such as Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and so on.

The MBA offers numerous challenges to students in a variety of business settings such as accounting, finance, HR, and more.

Before you start any MBA Program, go through our list of top 5 MBA courses below. Apply now for any specialisation and receive 10% discount on tuition fees.

Top 5 Part Time MBA Programs in UAE

We want to see you excel in your graduate program, and in addition, we want you to make the best decision as you ponder on your next move. The following is a list of top MBA courses.

  1. MBA Project Management
  2. MBA Accounting and Finance
  3. MBA Global Banking and Finance
  4. MBA Marketing Management
  5. MBA Health and Safety

MBA Project Management

MBA Project Management provides the chance for students to learn a variety of management skills that can be employed to various organizations across diverse fields. Students have the opportunity to learn essential skills, such as finance, operations, and more.

Average Salary: Professionals in this field earn around $115, 000

MBA Accounting and Finance

Accounts are the guardians of money. The field of accounting is a truly enjoyable and exciting one. MBA Accounting and Finance opens the door to a whole new world of business administration and financial analysis. It also puts students in the right shape to take on management roles.

Average Salary: Professionals in this field earn around $150, 000

MBA Global Banking and Finance

This is one of the most sought-after skills in the business world. A student with an eye for finance would cherish MBA Global Banking and Finance. It gives students the platform to work in the financial sector anywhere in the world. It provides an opportunity to learn useful skills like operations, strategy, and finance on a global scale.

Average Salary: Professionals in this field earn around $120, 000

MBA Marketing Management

MBA Marketing Management offers you an opportunity to learn how to promote products and services. The course is designed to help you hone your marketing and communication skills.

Average Salary: Professionals in this field earn around $115, 000

MBA Health and Safety

This program is designed for health and safety professionals in need of an outstanding career in the health and safety industry. As a health and safety professional, your role is to co-ordinate all areas that have to do with health and safety in an organization.

Average Salary: Professionals in this field earn around $100,000


Earning an MBA from a prestigious school such as Exeed College gives you the chance to expand your career potential. An internationally recognized MBA degree will broaden your knowledge and skills as well as give you hands-on experience in leadership, management, and business.

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