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Is getting an online MBA in Qatar worth it?

Qatar is a nation with a rapidly expanding economy that can influence business throughout the Gulf and is establishing the standard for higher education in the region. It is ideal to obtain an MBA in Qatar and benefit from a top-notch education. Earning an MBA in Qatar is an exciting opportunity to develop the business acumen skills necessary to enter a competitive market as a business professional. 

As part of an MBA in Qatar, you will study corporate social responsibility, apply business theory and methods to practice, become an effective business leader, and use your knowledge and abilities to make business decisions in the global market. It is also a golden opportunity to develop a strong business foundation in marketing, management, information technology, finance, and management and offer various business options.

Relevance of MBA in 2023

An MBA degree opens the door to a world of opportunities and takes your career to the next level. Choosing the right specialisation early on will give you a competitive advantage and bring other benefits for years to come. 

Moreover, an MBA degree equips learners with future-ready skills essential for the 21st-century workplace. You can significantly develop important skills like time management, self-motivation, and self-discipline, and the ability to work with virtual teams worldwide will help secure your future career. Many organisations are looking for skills such as empathy and team management to understand how to set goals and influence stakeholders from diverse backgrounds. Students who want to develop skills have a unique opportunity to do so during their MBA experience.

Five most in-demand MBA programs

Finance, marketing, human resources, operations, and entrepreneurship have traditionally been among the most in-demand and best MBA specialities, and many students consider them the safest. But over time, especially post-COVID, business needs have changed. Digital marketing and business analytics focus on areas of expertise, such as digital marketing and business analytics. Below is a list of the best MBA specialisations in 2023. 

MBA in Business Analytics 

The MBA in Business Analytics is a dynamic, contemporary and practical course designed to produce data-driven business leaders of the future. The applications of business analytics span all functional domains and equips learners with technical and business acumen skills to understand contemporary issues and practices in digital and analytics-driven economies. It trains leaders to add value to business situations by using a disciplined and analytical approach to issue solving.

MBA in Digital Marketing

With an MBA in Digital Marketing, you are prepared to tackle new technologies, explore the working methods of the industry, develop new marketing campaigns, evaluate different marketing trends, and analyse marketing data. Industry experts have designed this program to provide relevant training and knowledge to deal with the fast-growing digital marketing sectors. 

MBA in Information Security Management

By earning an MBA in Information Security Management, candidates learn how to manage information security challenges technically and strategically while focusing on the business side of information security. The candidates with technical and leadership skills are well-prepared to implement security solutions in an organisation. In this Executive MBA program, students gain the expertise to detect threats, assess risks, choose sound risk management practices, and create innovative methods to make organisations more resilient to disruptions and threats. 

MBA in Global Healthcare Management

Those seeking career advancement in the healthcare industry should consider the online MBA in Global Healthcare Management program. The field of global health seeks to improve people’s physical and mental health worldwide and offers a range of service delivery models, international healthcare policies and laws, and unique economic conditions. The program is designed to provide healthcare managers with the tools to analyse, direct, and develop administrative activities more effectively in an environment experiencing exponential growth.

MBA in Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain

The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain will revolutionise every aspect of our lives, including the way we live, the way we conduct business, and the way we govern ourselves. A one-year online MBA in Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain at UCAM University, Spain, provides students with a combination of theoretical and practical knowledge about artificial intelligence and blockchain as well as the tools they need to manage effectively, market effectively, manage their people, and lead in the current market. 

Select the right business school

Self-reflection is the first step in choosing a business school. Even though factors like rank and popularity play a role, your unique needs and wants ultimately determine fit. To unlock your true preferences, you should ask yourself pointed questions. Only after you have established your own criteria can you compare various MBA and master’s programs based on their fit.

B-school preferences based on career-related questions

  • What do you want out of your career?
  • Do you want to broaden your knowledge and education, change careers, or focus on a certain professional field?
  • Do you already have a job or require further assistance in starting your career?
  • What is your ideal line of work?
  • Are you interested in any particular businesses or organisations?
  • What type of job are you looking for after business school?

Are you prepared to identify the ideal business school program? Filter the colleges you should contact based on the courses that best suit your needs. You may search for the best online MBA programs from Exeed College. 

Will an MBA increase your salary?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, earning an MBA can result in career improvements and a boost in compensation of nearly twice what you earned before the program.

Certain business schools with high reputations can help graduates obtain jobs that pay more. When planning to begin your MBA program, finding a recognised, accredited college or university can be considered.

Those with technical skills, such as knowledge of digital technology, may be paid more since they add value to the organisation. MBA students acquire practical, cross-industry business competencies like leadership and conflict resolution, which are valuable across industries. 

Finally, it is important to remember that professional employees in the various business administration sectors receive other forms of compensation besides salaries. MBAs also provide less obvious advantages, including improved networking opportunities, the development of useful transferable skills, and a higher level of employment security after landing the dream position.

The most in-demand MBA jobs 

  • Management Analysts
  • Financial Technology Specialists
  • Management Consultants
  • Product Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Marketing Directors
  • Chief Operating Officers 
  • Investment Banker
  • Financial Manager

Benefits of an online MBA in Qatar

Securing an MBA offers many benefits, such as skill growth, strong networking opportunities, the chance to advance your profession, and higher pay. Whatever the case, career-oriented students and learners frequently struggle with conventional on-campus MBA programs. You discover them juggling work and family responsibilities while keeping an eye on your future. The campus-based MBA courses are one that not everyone can meet. If your work and personal life prevent you from enrolling in a standard on-campus course, an online MBA in Qatar could be your opportunity to shine, which can be obtained in as little as one year.

Get a top-quality MBA and executive education catering to working professionals from Exeed College. Study the best online, part-time or distance executive MBA programs in Qatar (Doha, Al Ruwais) as Exeed College offers a wide range of MBA programs from top universities specially designed for working professionals. 

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