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21 Jobs of the Future: A Cognizant Report

To simplify human efforts and to maximize the returns on investment on human efforts, IT Companies around the world constantly invests in new technologies. With the emergence of new and innovative technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and automation there is a new set of job roles which are going to emerge along with these new technologies. Cognizant Technologies in its latest report published a new set of future job roles.

Best Paying IT Jobs of the Future

1. Cyberattack agent

2. Joy adjutant

3. Data trash engineer

4. Voice UX designer

5. Head of business behavior

6. Smart home design manager

7. Uni4Life coordinator

8. Cyber-calamity forecaster

9. Algorithm bias auditor

10. Juvenile cybercrime rehabilitation counsellor

11. Tidewater architect

12. E-sports arena builder

13. Head of machine personality design

14. Vertical farming consultant

15. Virtual identity defender

16. Virtual reality arcade manager

17. Subscription management specialist

18. Machine risk officer

19. Chief purpose planner

20. Haptic interface designer

21. Flying car developer

About Author: Faisal Faruqui is a Manager of Corporate Relationships at Exeed College. He designs and executes professional program and certifications for corporate across the Gulf region.

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