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A Majestic Graduation – Exeed College Honours 858 Graduates from Class of 2023 Aboard Queen Elizabeth II

In an unforgettable graduation ceremony, Exeed College’s Class of 2023 marked a milestone by graduating aboard the iconic Queen Elizabeth II. With 858 graduates hailing from 53 countries, the event was a true testament to diversity, achievement, and the power of global education.

Among the graduates were 259 MBA degree recipients from UCAM Spain and Plymouth Marjon, UK. Additionally, 70 students earned their MA in Educational Leadership, while 299 received PGCEi qualifications. The ceremony also honoured 181 graduates who completed the NCFE CACHE Diploma and 38 who earned PGDEs from SQA, UK.

Key Moments of Inspiration

Caps soared, gowns swirled, and dreams took flight as distinguished speakers offered words of wisdom to the graduates. Dr. Vivek Mohan, Exeed College’s Dean, underscored the transformative power of executive education and celebrated the remarkable age diversity within the class. Professor Anil Ahluwalia, Academic Director of Exeed College and Westford Education Group, delivered a stirring message of resilience, urging graduates to maintain positivity and pursue their aspirations.

Dr. Gonzalo W. Fernandez de Bobadilla, Dean of Economy & Business Faculty at UCAM, Spain, highlighted the importance of global perspectives and critical thinking, encouraging graduates to make a positive impact on society. Meanwhile, Dr. Laura Wallis, Marjon Business Lead and Senior Lecturer from Plymouth Marjon University, UK, emphasised the virtues of curiosity, ambition, independence, and humanity in achieving success. Dr. Pablo S. Blesa Aledo, Vice-Rector of UCAM, reassured graduates of their enduring connections within the Exeed College and UCAM community, highlighting the lasting impact of their education.

Renowned academic Dr. Robert Machera delivered an inspiring commencement address, urging graduates to embrace lifelong learning and utilise their skills for meaningful change. Dr. Maurey Bond, VP for Growth at Acacia University, echoed the sentiment, affirming the value of applying knowledge to create positive transformations. 

Personal Stories, Shared Journeys

A panel of students took the stage to share their educational experiences, offering insight into the transformative power of their time at Exeed College.

The event was graced by the founders and board members of Westford Education Group, along with esteemed faculty Ms. Poonam Heryani, Dean of Teacher Education, Exeed College, and Dr. Baharulla Safi, Chief Strategy Officer of Acacia University, USA.

A Celebration of Achievement and Empowerment

The ceremony not only honoured the achievements of the Class of 2023 but also underscored Exeed College’s commitment to empowering learners worldwide. It was a joyous celebration of dedication, ambition, and lifelong learning, reaffirming that education knows no boundaries.

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