Career Trends MBA Students Should Know in 2022

In recent years, career opportunities for MBA aspirants have witnessed a transition. They are in high demand in the tech sector, with leading global tech giants pulling the maximum number of MBA graduates. According to career experts, MBA jobs are all set to boom in 2022, with lack of skills and uncertainty in the business environment.

With most organizations shifting to new business models in the midst of the pandemic, the demand is likely to be stronger. It is the best opportunity for all the aspiring MBA students to know about the emerging trends in 2022. Here is a chance to pick the best opportunities and the ones worth knowing about.

A rise in jobs for MBA graduates in tech firms

Amidst the pandemic and even when working from home, employees at technology companies can do their jobs without sacrificing productivity. Apple became the first company to be valued at more than 3 trillion US dollars recently.

To put things into perspective, their success during the pandemic has resulted in an increase in annual MBA hiring during this time period. In 2019, 80 percent of tech companies reported plans to hire MBAs, but by 2021, that figure had risen to 96 percent. This could be a boon for international students.

More jobs in the healthcare sector

The healthcare industry comes up with enormous opportunities in the midst of the ongoing pandemic. The industry’s demand extends beyond healthcare professionals, with an increasing role of MBA graduates in the healthcare sector. The foremost reason being the introduction of innovative technologies such as predictive and preventative healthcare. According to experts, healthcare and biotech were the top recruiters for MBA graduates last year, and this trend is expected to continue in 2022.

Consulting firms hire MBA grads

Consulting firms are frequently ranked among the best places to work in the world. The industry is one of the top three sectors for MBAs to enter after graduation, along with finance and tech. Being a consultant allows you to put everything you’ve learned during your MBA to use. You will work with clients on projects spanning multiple industries and functions, as well as in teams comprising colleagues from all over the world. While most MBA programs can help you get a job as a consultant, MBA consulting specialisations focus on this career path more closely, preparing you for a career in the industry.

Opportunities in inclusivity and diversity

Sustainability is high on the political agenda, and it is also becoming increasingly important in business, with experts predicting a job boom in the field.

According to reports, companies with above-average diversity in their leadership teams achieved higher levels of innovation. Diversity and sustainability, according to career experts, will be a major focus for MBA recruiters in 2022. Employers across industries are looking for candidates who demonstrate these core values.

Surge in product management roles

Product management roles are one area that has seen an increase in interest. As these marketing-focused positions are becoming increasingly popular among MBAs, companies in a variety of industries look to MBA programs for product managers.  Experts are of the opinion that the number of people applying for these positions has increased to the point where firms can be more selective and ask for or look at candidates who have specific product experience prior to coming into that role.


Future of MBA Education

The Future of MBA Education – From the Director’s Desk

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin.

Truth is fact like this is surely worth more than gold. Benjamin said this 100+ years ago and it still stands true. Guess what hasn’t changed? The truth.

Welcome to Exeed College which was founded 2014 on a sprawl terrain with a diverse culture of knowledge and a deep-rooted learning base. We take pride in our enviable learning environment coupled with vast and sound lecturers.

At Exeed, we are tasked with the goal of first, imbibing the knowledge needed, two, developing your technical-know how on whatever field you choose to pursue, and finally helping you sail unhindered in the ever competitive world. We know who you are before wanting to apply for the MBA hence the use of developing the technical know how.

How does having an MBA better your life?

MBA means Master in Business Administration and it better your life by improving your critical thinking. Organizations worldwide value workers with critical thinking and they tend to look out for it even while recruiting. MBA helps you see and think better. During an MBA program, you make findings, question existing methods to maybe call attention to upgrade it. A graduate program allows you to specialize in a particular field compared to an undergraduate degree.

If you decide to pursue a master’s degree in a field you love, the reward is great. You do not learn the basics again, but how things work in the professional world. A second degree gives you an in-depth knowledge of field you seek. Apart from these, you also gain to network with professionals in and out of your field. The program allows people from different industry come together and here you can strike both professional and friendship relationship. Your network could prove to be the line between you and your next job or even a reference to your next job.

Remunerations that come with you working with a master’s degree are way higher than your peers with college degrees. No matter how much you love your field, a high pay and good plan will make you love it more. For some, they are contented doing what they love. An MBA makes this dream possible by compensating you with exactly what you need.

The Mission

The MBA’s primary mission is to provide the managerial skills and knowledge necessary to prepare students for success in entry and middle management positions.

Our mission is to further build professionals into world leaders capable of seizing opportunities whilst bettering their society.

The Value

While developing individuals with intellectual capacities and maximizing the program’s practices, we intend to create resilient and savvy business people.

Curriculum of School

We have worked on how to direct students in business value system. The courses brought up to help business ethics include Leadership, Corporate finance, human resource management amongst others. Other courses taught in Exeed to improve professionals’ understanding of the workplace are Operations and Project Management, Global Banking and Finance, Accounting, Health and Safety Leadership, Information Technology. We focus more on ethics because a business growth is down to a professional value system. You don’t value what you don’t know.