Are You Chartered Manager from Chartered Management Institute

In the present day and age, we often come across a scenario where organisations under- perform as a result of being over – managed and under-led! This is not a surprising scenario as there exists a disparity in connecting Leadership to Management. The Fact of the matter is, Leadership and Management are essential for the success of an Individual and the Organisation. Hence more and more organisations are turning towards the Chartered Management Institute, UK (CMI), with the aim of creating Managers who are leaders capable of making better, faster and smarter decisions.

Creating leaders with CMI

CMI is one of the few institutions out there with a rich tradition of developing true management professionals with a focus on Leadership and continuous professional development. Exeed School of Business and Finance has now partnered with CMI to launch three unique and exciting courses which bring value, credibility and chartered manager status to professionals in the Middle East – Project Management Practitioner (PMP), Certified Supply Chain Management practitioner (SCMP) and Strategic Human Resource Management Practitioner (SHRMP).

The ‘Chartered Manager’

CMI is the only place where a professional can get a ‘Chartered Manager Status’ and research shows that Chartered Managers are worth AED 17,12,400(Professionalising Management, The impact of Chartered Manager, 2012). This is, without doubt, a giant leap!

To conclude, Organisations require robust leadership and robust management to create the optimal amount of organisational efficiency. So then, what are we waiting for? Let’s go get our ‘Chartered Manager’ Status today!