MBA Healthcare Management

Meet the student: Stephan Nenwa, Clinical Site Manager at Covance Clinical Development

Stephan Nenwa, a healthcare professional holding advance degrees in Applied Sciences was scaling the corporate ladders in the Pharma domain. Every day he was bringing his knowledge on Clinical Trials, Medical Coding, Medical Devices and Pharmacology for the growth of the organization and he was being constantly rewarded by his managers.

Within a short tenure of five years, Stephan managed to reach the position of Regional Site Manager at one of the top 3 Pharma companies in the world. However after making a career shift to Covance, he realized that apart from honing his technical skills he should also focus towards management skills.

Stephan Nenwa and EXEED – UCAM

Stephan search for the right management program started in the mid 2018 and he started contacting business schools around the European Region, Middle East and Indian Subcontinent Region. During his research, he contacted EXEED’s counselling team for the details about their management programs

The counselling after understanding his detailed career profile and his future career aspirations suggested an one year MBA in Healthcare Management from Catholic University of Murcia, – Universidad Catolica San Antonia de Murcia – UCAM

Stephan started his MBA journey in the July of year 2018. With through commitment and dedication, he managed to achieve clear distinction in all the modules.

As per Stephan:

My decision to pursue my MBA at ESBF is worth every penny. ten months into the program, I could take up any business idea and analyze it professionally from every angle. Besides delivering updated knowledge through its highly selected lecturers, the medium of learning is diversified, a key factor that equips every student to become a major play in the global arena. One of the best decisions in my career life”

Business analytics help organizations to reduce risks. By helping them make the right decisions based on available data such as customer preferences, trends, and so on, it can help businesses to curtail short and long-term risk.

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Online MBA Benefits

Is it worth doing an Online MBA?

Recent times have seen more people considering pursuing their MBA but in the traditional way, but in a whole new conventional way. The advent of technology, along with new ways of teaching, now means students don’t need to be in a traditional class setting to acquire an MBA degree, but rather, they can sit at the comfort of their homes, and go through an online MBA program.

Reports show that of the total number of applicants considering an MBA, more than 15% usually opt for an online program as opposed to the traditional class setting.

Online MBA is gaining traction, and more people are now vying for it, and also more business schools are even adding it to their program and curriculum. If you find yourself in a position of wanting to acquire an MBA degree, it is worth considering all the available options, and most importantly asking yourself,

“Is it worth doing an Online MBA?”

The simple answer is YES! But it doesn’t stop there; the following points below show you what makes an Online MBA worth it.

  • You get the same curriculum and degree

Some of the top business schools understand that scheduling conflicts will make it difficult for persons who would like to acquire an MBA degree to create time to attend brick and mortar classes. So, this has led to a good number of top business schools to offer an online option for such people.

The great news is that most schools make their online program similar to the physical program. That means the same number of courses, similar entry requirements, and the same curriculum. This means at the end, and the MBA degree is still the same as the on-campus equivalent.

  • Flexibility

Getting an online MBA allows you ample time to engage in other activities like work. So, your schedule isn’t restricted as it would be in an on-campus program. The schedule of the program is flexible. Teaching is done via different alternatives spanning from a video conference to recorded lectures, and even downloadable notes.

The great thing about this flexibility is that it allows you to apply what you are learning at work or other areas you find yourself.

The best part?

Benefits of getting an online MBA

  1. Increase your future earnings/salary
  2. Makes it easier for you to attract promotions as at when due
  3. Amplifies your networking abilities
  4. Expands your knowledge base
  5. It makes career transition very easy

Final thoughts

If you are still asking yourself if an online MBA is worth it, then the simple answer is yes. Not only is it beneficial, but it is also affordable, guarantees flexibility, as well as gives you the same privileges as full-time and part-time on-campus students.

The face of education is now changing, and that means there are now conventional ways via which you can earn your MBA degree conveniently.

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