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Common Career Mistakes to Avoid While Doing Online MBA

Pursuing online MBA program is the wisest decision for working professionals as it helps in attaining business qualification without making you to go on Sabbatical. An MBA makes you competent to face common business and administration tasks and further equips you with knowledge and skills to take up managerial positions.

The main objective of online MBA is to help working professionals in attaining accredited global qualifications from any part of the world.

Common mistakes while opting for online MBA programs

Enrolling in an unaccredited University:

While performing the research, many MBA students will get attracted to the program features, cost and fake student testimonials and will fall in the trap of Diploma mills. The diploma mills will attract students through Social Media and other advertisements. These diploma mills will print a fake MBA degree in exchange for money.

These MBA degree is of no use in the longer run. As a prospective student, it is your responsibility to check the accreditation of the program and its past history. You should also check whether the accreditation agency is recognized by the Government of a particular country besides checking the lineage of the university and the success of its past students.

Selecting wrong delivery mode:

While many student applicant equates online MBA with a distance self study MBA but there is a huge difference between the two. If a candidate is opting for a self study MBA then he has to complete his entire MBA journey on his own with minimal external support while an online MBA involves delivering regular classes through online classroom mode using modern technologies.

In an online MBA delivery mode, the instructor will log in the system to deliver session and will be available to even attend your queries. While applying for an online MBA mode, the student applicant should make sure about regular classes, the faculties who are going to deliver the sessions, support for blended sessions and the class profile in online classroom.

Losing focus during the program:

While many students will start the program with great zeal but will lose the focus during the program because of internal commitments or job. Though many online MBA programs give you flexibility to study but many students will lose focus because of the same will start delaying the submission of assignments, research works and class notes.

If you are one of the few learners who are prone to lose focus while doing MBA then it is always good to have an anchor who can support you during the program journey. An anchor is the person who gives you the support during your study – work – life and will help you in maintaining the work – life – study balance. An anchor can be your spouse, partner, colleagues, boss or parents. Some schools even provide online coordinator who will act as a guide during the entire journey and you should enquire with the school if there is any.

If you are looking for an online international accredited MBA with flexible approach and online instructor led learning mode visit UCAM MBA online UAE.

About Author: Faisal Faruqui is a Manager of Corporate Relationships and Marketing with Exeed College.

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Career Mistakes of MBA

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