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Towards a sustainable future after MBA

MBAs with sustainability focus: Why should you study one?

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of sustainability and business management? It may be greenery, pollution, or the conservation of the environment. It is a popular misconception that sustainability MBAs are all about green policies and the environment. Despite its long-established importance, sustainability was given a fresh boost with the COVID-19 pandemic. For our future to be better, sustainability goes far beyond a trend. It will be increasingly important for companies to hire highly-skilled, knowledgeable, and capable leaders. Whether you should pursue a sustainability MBA may still be a question on your mind.

Read on to discover why a sustainability MBA makes sense for those who aspire to succeed in this field. Firstly, let’s see how sustainability matters in business management. 

Why is sustainability important in businesses?

The importance of sustainability can be attributed to a variety of factors. It has become essential for businesses to embrace sustainability management to add more value to their brands and thus grow sustainably. And thus, business administration demands a deep understanding of sustainable approaches. The development of sustainable business practices is a key component of business success. Businesses are looking for employees who understand these practices. 

MBA in sustainability management

What can you do to become a sustainable leader with the knowledge, skills, and experience to succeed? The answer is to pursue an MBA degree in sustainability management. 

Throughout the program, you will learn valuable skills to lead a profitable business and leave a positive footprint on society, the economy, and the environment. Sustainable leaders must be able to solve problems, think critically, innovate, be adaptable, negotiate, and have good emotional intelligence.

An MBA in sustainability management will help you learn how to efficiently, ethically, and environmentally run businesses of all sizes. Students gain valuable insight into sustainable practices, such as how to design and implement a sustainability strategy.

MBAs in sustainability management cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Policy, laws, and opportunities related to climate change
  • Organaizational sustainability management
  • Risk management
  • Sustainability systems
  • Sustainable marketing
  • Sustainable investments
  • The triple bottom line
  • Environment management

Most sustainability MBAs include at least three courses listed above, although not all. As it turns out, sustainability MBAs are primarily MBA programs that just happen to offer a sustainability focus. 

Next, you might wonder whether you can obtain an executive MBA in sustainability. The answer is “no.” In order to receive an Executive MBA, you must be at least five years into your management career.

Sustainability-centred career opportunities in business management

Now let’s see what the common sustainability-centered jobs that could be chosen after completing your MBA in Sustainability:

  • Consultant in sustainability
  • Supply chain and logistics roles
  • Roles of Compliance Directors
  • Sustainability-focused management roles
  • Roles in engineering
  • Roles in Human Resources
  • Director – Sustainability Management

To conclude

A sustainable leadership MBA prepares professionals to lead sustainable businesses. Choosing a business degree that emphasises sustainability will not only help you stand out to employers but will also help you make a positive contribution to the environment as well. 

If you are extremely passionate about environmental stewardship, opting for an MBA in Energy and Sustainability at Exeed College would be the right choice. 

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