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Advantages of having a Professional Doctorate

A doctoral degree is the pinnacle of academic achievement. Students seeking these degrees go through a rigorous and difficult academic process. Thanks to years of advanced research and practice, doctoral degree holders are respected and positioned at the top of their field.

A professional doctorate and a Doctor of Philosophy degree (PhD) are the two main options available while earning a doctorate. Although they sound similar, professional and doctoral degrees are two different types of programs, each suited to a particular type of student.  

A PhD is an academic, research-based degree whose main goal is to develop advanced research skills and create new knowledge to share with others.

In contrast, a professional doctorate focuses on advanced practice of knowledge and skills, making it a degree for those with a more professional orientation. While these programs also help develop research skills, the focus is on applying that knowledge to industry to solve emerging problems.

There has been an increasing interest in professional doctoral programs in recent years, largely due to the changing needs of employers and the desire of professionals to improve their skills and knowledge. 

It may be a daunting journey, but the benefits of your degree and the skills you learn during your studies will certainly be worth it. Read on to learn about the benefits of a professional doctorate.

What Are the Benefits of Earning a Doctorate?

You’ll gain the skills to make a positive impact on your industry

A professional doctorate program prepares you to impact and potentially transform your chosen field. The doctoral students typically take existing concepts and problems in the industry, conduct in-depth research, and propose possible solutions.

This process aims to explain existing knowledge or discover new knowledge in an area, and the results can have important social and economic implications.

You can qualify for top-level positions

Most professional doctorate students are fairly established in their fields and careers. They may already be decision makers or managers who want to develop sophisticated skills to advance to the top levels of decision-making.

Earning a professional doctorate program will push your boundaries and teach you how to think properly and solve problems that are directly relevant to your profession.

You’ll demonstrate your higher-level skills

A professional doctorate proves that you have mastered excellent writing, research, and analytical skills. Many fields today require top professionals with these advanced skills.

Earning a professional doctorate certifies your efforts to achieve the highest level of education in your field and positions you as a master of the skills related to your field of study.

You can grow your professional network 

Whether you opt for a face-to-face or online program, your future classmates represent various fields and sectors and are attending school to progress professionally just like you. They become not only a great professional network but also a support system.

When you bring together many competitive people in a classroom to challenge each other, you will make more progress than you could have done alone. Building a professional network is also a great career benefit as it helps you exchange industry expertise and secure jobs.

You could see an economic payoff

A major reason to consider pursuing a doctoral degree is that it can increase your earning potential with your current or future employer. A person with a professional doctorate’s expected lifetime earning is $3.3 million. Many top positions also require a professional doctorate. 

After sacrificing time and money to get a degree, this can be pleasing to your ears. Taking it further, some fields will have higher payoffs than others. Remember to consider your future earning potential when calculating your investment return.

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Is a professional doctorate right for you?

If you are considering pursuing a professional doctorate, it is important to understand how this approach can help you achieve your personal and professional goals. As explained above, pursuing a professional doctorate has valuable benefits such as industry impact, advanced skill development, and increased earning potential.

Do you want to expand your career options and earn your professional doctorate in a convenient, flexible format that fits your busy life?

Exeed College offers online doctorate programs in management and business administration to empower exceptional intellectual leadership talent in collaboration with top-ranked universities.

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Advantages of Professional Doctorate

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