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Online MBA in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is ready to become the largest economy in the Arab World. The Saudi Vision for 2030 seeks to change the Saudi economy’s structure into one that is diverse, sustainable and centred on boosting productivity and increasing private sector involvement. It aims to prepare a generation invested with national values, possessing skills and competencies for the future, and capable of competing globally. 

As the country moves toward a diversified knowledge economy, it increases employment opportunities, and there is an urgency to develop skills. Setting up the workforce for a larger, information-based economy is more important than ever. 

Pursuing online and distance MBA programs is the best option for upskilling and gearing up for the future industry. The cohort will experience coursework in all aspects of business such as accounting, finance, human resources, marketing, operations, and more such specialisations. 

Relevance of MBA in 2024

An MBA is more relevant than ever in today’s changing corporate scenario. Nowadays, people are less likely to spend their entire professional careers employed by the same organisation. 

An MBA can also give you the necessary skills and expertise to start a new business venture. One can develop soft skills – leadership, teamwork, cross-cultural collaboration, and change management – which are most in demand today.   

Completing an MBA is still relevant as it can help professionals gain business skills, earn job promotions, receive increased compensation and perks, and enhance career prospects. 

The logical next step is to seek the best online MBA programs

Five most in-demand MBA programs

As a result of the rising demand for MBA programs, business schools have been offering a variety of specialisations to help students develop unique abilities in the specialised fields of their interest. Choosing the right MBA specialty becomes crucial for improving your career trajectory and compensation. Have a look at some of the best in-demand MBA programs.

MBA in Agile Supply Chain Management

An MBA in Agile Supply Management is specifically created for professionals who want to thoroughly understand the supply chain industry and keep up with the most recent trends. It specialises in international supply chains, supply chain drivers, patterns of sea transport, and international logistics. The specialisation also covers the design and implementation of the supply chain. 

MBA in Health and Safety Leadership

A health and safety professional is responsible for coordination, assistance, and advice to the organisation on all health and safety-related matters. He needs to establish, manage and monitor standards, processes, communications, training and systems to ensure all responsibilities associated with health and safety. An MBA in Health and Safety Leadership program aims to increase abilities to create a safe working environment and to provide a practical grasp of occupational health and safety legislation and requirements, which in turn is supported by the appropriate use of theoretical and conceptual analyses. 

MBA in Marketing Management

By enrolling in an online MBA program in marketing management, you can learn how to create the strategies and procedures to achieve company goals. Additionally, you will pick up various skills, such as leadership, problem-solving, communication, analytical, and quantitative skills, as well as corporate ethics and other values that will undoubtedly help you succeed in your field. As a marketing expert, you will naturally be focused on innovation and have a vision for the future. You will learn about the value of preserving relationships and how to communicate with technology.

MBA in International Business

MBA in International Business is one of the most popular specialisations, as corporations look to hire qualified individuals to represent them at an international level. This specialisation’s main goal is to help students comprehend the rules and obligations of international trade and discover the most effective ways to boost imports and exports through research, analysis, and generation. The difficulties that come with doing company internationally, such as trade limitations and economic and demographic restraints, are explained to aspirants.

MBA in Global Healthcare Management

The field of global health focuses on improving the physical and mental health conditions of people around the world. The online MBA in Global Healthcare Management is exclusively designed for those who seek to move up their career ladder in the healthcare industry. Explore different healthcare system delivery models, international healthcare policies and laws, and the unique economic conditions of the healthcare industry by enrolling on an online MBA in Global Healthcare Management offered by Exeed College. The program focuses on providing healthcare managers with the tools to analyse, direct, and develop administrative activities more effectively in a rapidly expanding environment with exponentially growing demand.

Select the right business school

Each business school has its guidelines and prerequisites for admission. Suppose you submit a well-rounded application, and your chances of admission increase significantly. Selecting the best business school and MBA program becomes even more crucial with thousands of business schools worldwide. Some business schools offer accelerated MBA programs and course waivers so professionals can complete their degrees in a year. 

You can research your selections with Exeed College’s top-ranked online MBA programs in Saudi Arabia.

Will an MBA increase your salary?

MBA grads often make far more money than any other degree holder. In 2021, the average starting wage for MBA holders was 22 per cent higher than bachelor graduates. Overall, 71 per cent of corporate recruiters concur that workers with MBA degrees make more money at their organisations. Thus, earning an MBA is a surefire strategy to raise your income. 

The most in-demand MBA jobs 

1. Agile Supply Manager 

2. Health and Safety Manager 

3. Business Operations manager

4. Accounting and Financial manager

5. Human Resources Manager

6. Management Consultant

7. Marketing Manager

Benefits of an online MBA in Saudi Arabia 

If you are thinking about an MBA but don’t want to uproot your life, an online MBA program provides more flexibility and convenience. Getting your MBA online means that you can keep your current job and your current salary. In addition to the financial benefits, you can also get more work experience and apply what you learn to your job as you learn it.

Join Exeed College to get a top-quality MBA and executive education catering to working professionals. Study the best online, part-time or distance executive MBA programs in Saudi Arabia (Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam) specially designed for working professionals as Exeed College offers a wide range of MBA programs from top universities.  

Discover what courses are available by searching for MBA programs offered by Exeed College.

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Online MBA in Saudi Arabia

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