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Why Executive Education Needs a Big Transformation in The Middle East

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit – Aristotle

It is fair to argue that continuous professional development is at the heart of lifelong learning. It is not surprising to imagine that the continuous growth in international business and the changing landscape of global employment has bought forward a scenario of increasing number of employees favouring executive education. Clearly such a scenario is highly prominent in the Middle East where, the ability to develop and formulate one’s own professional development helps sustain success and gain competitive advantage. Exeed has steadily emerged to become a major player in Executive education in the Middle East region and with Exeed College(ESBF), Westford Education Group has reaffirmed its innovative approach to continuous professional development alongside its robust online learning platform.

Gaining the edge

As Harvard Business Review (2017) confirms, the aspect of change is highly frequent in the Middle East nowadays, as several global players often seek to diversify in terms of economies and contemporary industries. So, what does this imply for a professional in the Middle East?

Well the implications certainly point toward the direction of intriguing opportunities in the region amidst the uncertain global economy!          Having said this, it is imperative to take advantage of the finest opportunities for growth in this part of the world. With interactive and tailored executive programs and professional qualifications, Exeed School of Business and Finance has a proud legacy of transforming executives into exceptional leaders and resolute decision makers.

Making the right choice     

Financial times (2014) had reported that customised programmes which are designed specifically for individuals have shown the strongest growth in the Middle East and US. Furthermore, Financial times (2014) confirms that since managers often seek the global standard of management, the Middle East market is anticipated to be dominated by providers of Executive Education. Amidst this chaos, how does one make the right choice?

“ESBF offers students an opportunity to develop their leadership and general management skills through an exceptionally interactive, team based approach to learning” says Mohammed Ali, Wyeth Nutrition. Testimonials from Professionals like Mohammed confirms the unique way in which an Executive MBA helps them expand their leadership expertise to meet professional and organisational goals.

Taking the next big leap

Expanding one’s knowledge base and learning to develop and sustain competitive advantage are the key factors that negate the challenges faced by successful managers. In this regard, the Chartered Management Institute Project Management Professional Program by ESBF presents an ideal opportunity for managers to become dynamic business leaders enabling them to tackle new opportunities and challenges with confidence. The Executive programs by Exeed uniquely engages executives in a guided reflection of one’s own leadership approach. This aspect allows managers to think strategically and design strategies in the context of a global business environment.

The bottom line

At the end of the day, continuous professional development is bound to be perceived as a ‘mindset’ rather than just a product of learning. Clearly, organisations have started developing a taste for continuing education, contrary to the case a decade ago where organisations had an ambivalent response to executive education and presented a lot of ‘Ifs’ and ‘What’s’. The urge to develop and improve is bigger and better than at any point of time and Exeed continues its deep commitment to excellence by creating and executing innovative growth strategies for professionals!

About Author: The author, Vivek Mohan, is a full time faculty with Exeed School of Business and Finance and Westford Education Group. He holds a PhD from University of Leeds and is a corporate trainer on the topics related to organization development, leadership, HR, international business and advance negotiation skills.

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