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Doctorate in Education

The Doctorate in Education program aims to upgrade the learners’ educational management and leadership skills, turning them into highly efficient evidence-based practitioners and supporting the profession’s growth.

Program Overview

The three-year Doctorate in Education is a unique program which integrates rigorous academic and critical analyses and practical relevance and application. It aims to develop and enhance the educational management and leadership abilities of the learners, turning them into more effective evidence-based practitioners. Learners gain a deep understanding of cutting-edge knowledge and develop their skills in research, project design and implementation. Also, the applied Doctorate degree in education will provide a firm foundation of the modern education system operations that will help the graduates of the program to become future leaders of educational institutions and organisations

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Fee Structure

$ 15750

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Course Structure

Year 1
Introduction to Educational Research
Critical Thinking: Reflective and Reflexive Practice
Pedagogy of Teaching: Learning in Diversity
Leadership and Change in the Contemporary Issues in Education
Policy, Languages and Culture in Education
Doctoral Research Proposal
Year 2
Dissertation Registration
Confirmation of Supervision
Year 3
Total Credits


Module code: EDUCAM 101

Level of study: Level 8 

Credits: 10 ECTS

Status: CORE

The course will enhance participants’ understanding of the research process.  Participants will critically explore research approaches, language, and ethics. The course will take a step-by-step approach to develop student’s knowledge, skills and understanding of design and implementation of quantitative and qualitative research designs, including Cross-sectional surveys, cohort studies, Randomized Controlled Trials, operational study designs which include quasi-experiments and Cluster Randomized Controlled Trials.  The course will equip students with the skills necessary to conduct secondary research designs, including scoping and systematic reviews.  The course will also help students to develop the skills to recognize and reflect on the strengths and limitations of different research methodologies and address ethical and practical issues in research.  Furthermore, the student will be equipped with the ability to methodologically review and derive meaning from published research work for application in professional practice and growth. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and describe different quantitative study designs, describe the key elements and weaknesses and strengths associated with each approach, and application of quantitative research in Educational Professional Practice.
  • To understand Qualitative, Quantitative and Mixed Method Research approaches and their application, including data collection, analysis, and reporting methods. 
  • To understand secondary research design and application methods, including Scoping and Systematic reviews approaches, and how different research designs can be combined in a mixed-method study approach.
  • To understand the concept of research quality assurance and its application in research and ethical principles and application of validity and reliability principles in research.

Module code: EDUCAM 102

Level of study: Level 8 

Credits: 10 ECTS

Status: CORE

The course will lead and guide students to the in-depth understanding of the essence and purpose of critical thinking, reflective and reflexive practices, ethical issues and the current theories affecting the educational system.  The students will critically analyze the Contemporary Issues in the 21st century, which will help them understand the present situation and condition of Education.  This course will also consider the factors that greatly influence the entire educational system; historical, language, organisational, political, demographic, and contemporary ideologies.  They will introduce the theory and practices of Transformative Learning and critically reflect on its connection to their life as educators.  The students will critically scrutinize the path of the future of education and understand the theories that greatly influence the different organizations and institutions of education.

Learning Outcomes

  • To illustrate critical thinking as the foundation of reflective and reflexive practices in education.
  • Critically analyze and evaluate the different theories of education relating it to their personal and professional life as educators.
  • To analyze and critically reflect on the implications of Transformative Learning to the Contemporary Issues in the 21st Century and the Future of Education.

Module code: EDUCAM 103

Level of study: Level 8 

Credits: 10 ECTS

Status: CORE

The course will help the students to critically analyze the different learning theories and pedagogies.  The students evaluate the different existing research methodologies of diversity.  The students will critically reflect on the different educational curricula and environments of the different groups of learners.  They will be encouraged to illustrate the progress and advancement of technology as a great advantage in education.  The students will engage in understanding the process of learning, especially the relationship between teaching and learning, assessment, and evaluation.  This course will also introduce the students to meta-learning, to which they will develop consciousness of their personal approaches to the learning process.  

Learning Outcomes

  • Critically analyze the different learning theories and pedagogies affecting the educational system.
  • To illustrate the significant role of teaching pedagogies in the diversity of learning.
  • To critically evaluate the role of technology as a great instrument in teaching methodology.
  • Understand the nature of meta-learning in relation to 21st-century learners.

Module code: EDUCAM104

Level of study: Level 8 

Guided learning hours: 150

Credits: 10 ECTS

Status: CORE

The course will equip participants with the essential skills, strategies, and tools they need to unlock their fullest potential in taking up expanded educational leadership responsibilities to guide their organizations effectively. Participants will be exposed to the significance of different types of the institutional context for theory and practice within the field and the potential and actual complexity of theory/practice relationships within it. Participants will also be involved in a comparative analysis of effective leadership approaches and methodological considerations in Leadership research. This knowledge and skills will enable participants to build their capacities in integrative thinking, managing diversity, team building and managing effective teams, and negotiating and influencing skills which are essential skills in leading organisations in the educational environment.

Learning Outcomes

  • To understand the significance of different types of the institutional context for theory and practice within the field.
  • To analyse national and international leadership models, concepts and theories related to bureaucracy, social systems, power and organisational change.
  • To analyse effective leadership approaches and their application in leading educational organisations.
  • Discuss methodological approaches used in Educational Leadership research.

Module code: EDUCAM105

Level of study: Level 8 

Guided Learning Hours: 150

Credits: 10 ECTS

Status: CORE

The course will help to build in participants an understanding of the relationship between recent changes in education, economy, culture, language and society. Participants will be exposed to theories which seek to explain the educational policy-making process, i.e., the macro and micro factors, e.g., the organisation, culture, language and politics of relevant state departments and agencies, which shape educational policy and the impact of policy at various levels of the educational system. This knowledge and skills will enable participants to identify and address complex and/or emerging issues in the interaction between policy, language, culture and education and make informed judgements in the absence of complete or consistent information.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify linguistic and cultural variables affecting educational policy and practice.
  • Identify and address complex and/or emerging issues in the interaction between language, culture and education and make informed judgements in the absence of complete or consistent information (professional/ practical skill)
  • Critically evaluate linguistic and cultural assumptions underpinning educational policy and practice.
  • Use appropriate research methods to describe and analyse education as cultural and linguistic practice.

Module code: EDUCAM106

Level of study: Level 8 

Guided learning hours: 200

Credits: 10 ECTS

Status: CORE

The participants in this course will develop a 3000-word research proposal in Leadership and Education management. The participants will be guided to identify a researchable knowledge gap of their interest and analyse and synthesise the knowledge gap into a problem statement. Participants will receive guidance on specific aspects of doing research, including literature searching and conducting critical appraisal; referencing and applying relevant computer software in reference management; framing research questions and objectives; and applying ethical issues in Research. Participants will be capacity built to develop competence in assessing and appraising evidence in published literature, determining the gaps in the evidence and developing a feasible and valid study design that they can apply in their research. Participants will further be guided to develop a full research proposal.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identifying a relevant and suitable knowledge gap in Leadership and Education Management and developing structured research questions to address the knowledge gap.
  • Write a literature review to identify existing evidence and knowledge gaps associated with the research problem of interest.
  • Critically explore the relevance of existing theory and evidence base to research design.
  • Develop a well-structured research protocol/proposal with clear timelines and relevant study methods that comply with the universal principles of research ethics.
  1. Dissertation Registration
  2. Confirmation of Supervision
  1. Dissertation
  2. Defense

Learning Resources

Live & interactive lectures by expert faculties

Recorded session for offline viewing

World-class curriculum by eminent faculty

Regular webinars by industry leaders

Assignments for module assessments

Easy-to-use LMS accessible anywhere

Online library to further enhance your knowledge

Dissertation on your area of research work

What our learners have to say

Musab Salim Said Al Adwani

MBA in Health and Safety Leadership

I would like to thank Exeed College for the big day. The journey was so enriching that we could make it. I would like to thank each and everyone at Exeed, the faculty, the professors, and academic managers.

Marie Therese Neaimeh


I am from Lebanon and live in Dubai. Exeed College exceeds all expectations with its management, professors, and students. When I updated my Linkedin account that I have a PGCEI from Exeed College and Liverpool John Moores…

Kovilen Coolen

MBA in Global Banking and Finance

I would like to congratulate all my friends. My learning days at Exeed College were very exciting. I take this opportunity to thank all the staff at Exeed College, the faculty, and my peers for the enriching experience.

Eric Chiu

MBA Global Banking and Finance

My learning journey with Exeed college has been filled with fun and a life changing experience. I did not expect that I’d be able to pursue my dream of MBA. I was of the understanding…

Emmanuel Ndebele

MBA in Supply Chain Management

It has been a great experience studying with Exeed College. I had a wonderful experience with everyone, including the faculty, and other staff. The lecturers were very helpful and the course module was very useful…

Badria Ahmed Salloum

MBA General Management

My overall experience with Exeed College for the MBA degree awarded by UCAM, Spain was very gratifying and I call myself one of the lucky ones. It was the beginning of the pandemic and things had started…

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Doctorate Panel

Prof. Michael Akerib


Prof. Michael Akerib
Michael Akerib has divided his professional life between industry, executive education, and academia. He has always been interested in change – sociological, and technological, and the blending of the two and its impact on determining the future. His professional experience was acquired in corporate leaders in their field (Dow Chemical, Merrill Lynch, COMILOG) in Africa, France, and Switzerland. He was the CEO of a South American gold and diamond mining corporation in the early 1990s. As a consultant, he devised strategies for SMEs in areas as different as metals and luxury products. Since 1991 he has been involved in executive education and academia in over 20 countries. He has created curricula, and franchised educational programs he created, was dean, managing director of business schools, and rector. He is still active in higher education in Belgium, France, Romania, and Switzerland.

Dr. Pfumbudzayi Robert Machera

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Pfumbudzayi Robert Machera
Dr. Pfumbudzayi Robert Machera is an enthusiastic, energetic leader and has occupied executive roles such as Financial Manager, Group Accountant, Company Secretary, Human Resource Practitioner and Administration Manager for large, listed corporations in Zimbabwe for 18 years, before joining the academic world. He is a well-rounded scholar with research interest in micro – lending companies, social entrepreneurship, finance, banking, accounting, managing people, education, fintech, sustainability and training. Qualification: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Economic and Management Sciences with Administration, Master of Philosophy in Education and Training for Lifelong Learning, Masters in Business Administration (MBA), Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) Advanced Management Accounting Diploma and Chartered Institute of Secretaries & Administrators (CISA) Diploma.
Area of Expertise: Human Resources Management, Research Methods and Dissertation, Strategic Change Management, International Marketing, Strategic Human Resources Management, Consumer Behavior, Strategic Supply Chain Management and Logistics, Operations Management, Strategic Management and Leadership, Social Entrepreneurship, Business Sustainability, Financial Accounting, Auditing and Risk Management.

Dr. Rekha Shewakramani


Dr. Rekha Shewakramani
Dr Rekha Shewakramani has a Doctorate in Management with a specialization in Human Resource Management. Her research focuses on organizational behaviour which associates with a performance at work and contentment in an organization. Rekha has been awarded various accolades in the field of research and management in human resources. Her key achievement was to receive the title of the researcher of the year in 2019 for her presentations and publications in the research field. Rekha started her teaching career in UAE in the year 2020 and has successfully trained various professionals for the certification and courses that have accreditation from the UK. Her hands-on experience in teaching undergraduate and post-graduate students in India is now serving as an encouragement to serve and train professionals about the practices of management across different nations. She has recently become an Associate member of CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, UK) in the year 2022. Being a gold medallist in Master of Business Administration, her research work has been chosen and published in some of the UGC Listed Journals in India. She has always been a part of the education industry by serving as a counsellor, trainer, and research fellow which has helped her in attaining the confidence in developing content and imparting knowledge using a combination of practical and theoretical tools.

Dr. Vivek Mohan

Dean – Academic and Student Affairs

Dr. Vivek Mohan
Dr Vivek is an award-winning researcher with several years of experience leading the design, delivery and digital transformation of programs in higher education in the UK, Europe and the Middle East. He had previously taken up Faculty and Researcher positions at Sheffield Business School, UK, and Leeds Business School, UK. His corporate training and consulting portfolio includes firms such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, International Cricket Council, WJ Ground Water and Petrofac. Dr Vivek holds a PhD in Business Management and an MSc in International Business from the UK and is certified in education design for higher education from Sydney (UNSW), blockchain essentials (UCLA), blended learning essentials from the UK (UCL-Leeds), and in Project Management from CMI, UK. He is also a certified member of the British Academy of Management and served as the editorial board member of the International Journal of Family Business and Management in the US. He is also a sports enthusiast and plays competitive badminton and basketball.

If you’d like to gain the complete skill set to succeed in today’s business world, this is the area for you.

Assignment and Assessment

UCAM – Exeed College follows an assignment-based assessment approach, and the student needs to submit an assignment after each module.

Entry Requirements

  • Candidates must have a Master's degree in Education or equivalent from a recognised institution.
  • Candidates must have at least three years of work experience in Education management experience, at an appropriately senior level.
  • English level: 6.0 IELTS or equivalent

Documents Needed

  • Duly filled application form
  • Academic documents
  • Resume
  • A copy of your passport
  • A photograph

*Degrees offered by UCAM are university’s accredited own awards and should not be misconstrued as nationally accredited awards in spain.

This Doctorate degree is awarded by UCAM under the provision of university private degrees – Título Propio

Speak to our Admission Team


Yes, it can be completed in 2 years, provided the research project is submitted within 2 years.

You will be receiving faculty assistance by default and additional assistance by the course leader, course administrator, 2 supervisors (primary & secondary) and student engagement officer.

The evaluation is based on assignments for the modules and a Dissertation (project) towards the end of the program. We deliver one module at a time and each module will last for a 1-month post, in which you get a week’s time to complete the assignment. The finished assignment should be uploaded in the Learning Management System (LMS). The faculty will evaluate the assignment and publish your result on the same platform.

Exeed College has implemented a teaching methodology with a greater focus on practical expertise. After the enrollment, you will be given a unique user ID and password to access our online LMS. Our teaching is based on case studies presented via HD videos, which increases students’ involvement, and promotes active learning. The course can be done 100% online. Lectures will be delivered through our LMS and the assignments are to be submitted as a soft copy using your student login. Students benefit from 24/7 access to our award-winning study platform and online resources, which include the necessary study materials for their program:

  • Live interactive classes by senior faculties
  • A recorded session for offline viewing
  • Case studies delivered in HD-quality video
  • Online resources and publications
  • Full academic support
  • E-Books and revision kits
  • Quick tests for challenging your knowledge of key concepts and theories
  • A dedicated online forum for interaction with tutors and classmates
  • Access to success manager
  • Self-assessed mock assignments
  • Live chat feature for any technical support needed

Apart from 8 live interactive sessions for each module, the learners will benefit from the advantage of having these sessions recorded and archived in their LMS, in order to catch up with the missed live sessions. The learners will also have access to the bite-sized learning videos developed with the course content, access to e-library with hundreds and thousands of journals, case studies, presentations, videos, etc. at their disposal to enhance their learning.

UCAM is one of the fastest-growing universities in the European Region and is also one of the most innovative and forward-thinking universities. UCAM is ranked among the top 150 universities in the European Region by the Times Higher Education. Also ranked among the top ten for its Business Administration Program and MBA program in the region, UCAM alumni are currently working with leading companies including Microsoft, EY, PwC, Standard Chartered, PwC, Aramco, Sabic, HSBC, Google, Schlumberger, Air Liquide and Honey Well to name a few. UCAM is internationally recognized, and students can get it attested from the respective Foreign and External Affairs Ministry.

Yes, this will definitely help you in migrating to these countries. Students can get their degree equivalence from ECA (Education Credential Assessment) organizations like WES, ICAS, IQAS.

Each class has about 45 students from different nationalities working with leading companies. The batch of students consists of entrepreneurs, managers, CEOs, supervisors, engineers, consultants, directors and senior executives. Also the students are from diverse sectors like oil & gas, government, media, construction, IT, Telecom, consulting, airline, manufacturing, banking, financial services, retail, pharma, FMCG and healthcare sectors. The current batch has students from Air Liquide, Schulumberg, Air Liquide, Saudi Electricity Company, Amazon, Noon, NMC Healthcare, ADFERT, Etihad, Emirates, Botswana Power Corporation, Allergen, Covance, Julphar and Nutricia to name a few.

The program fee includes your registration to all courses, certification, career support, and course delivery.

You can apply by submitting the following documents: 

  • Application form
  • Most updated resume
  • Scanned copy of your highest qualification certificate
  • Copy of passport
  • Passport size photograph

MOFA stands for Ministry of Foreign Affairs. UAE MOFA attestation is mandatory on every document after UAE embassy attestation for getting a valid visa. UCAM MBA title is verified and recognized under MOFA. MOFA attestation is required for all those universities who do not have a physical campus  in the UAE.

MOHE stands for Ministry of Higher Education. MOHE  approves, accredits and recognizes only those qualifications which are pursued through a physical campus in the country of origin.

However, MOHE attestation is not mandatory for expats residing in the UAE. Therefore, UCAM MBA Degrees are attested and verified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Yes, this will help you in migrating to these countries. Students can get their degree equivalence from ECA (Education Credential Assessment) organizations like WES, ICAS, IQAS, as we hold the World Education Services (WES) accreditation.

Although the sessions are being recorded and archived on the LMS system which can be accessed at any time, the student would be required to achieve at least 70% of attendance, which will be captured during the live interactive platform.

Yes, we do provide services in attaining the attestation of a degree certificate with an additional service fee charge.

Students can get their certificates by attending the Graduation Ceremony at the UCAM University Campus, Spain (charges will be additional) or the Certificate will be directly couriered to the respective addresses provided.

All the courses are internationally accepted, including the UAE, and you will receive MOFA attestation for the same, if you wish. An additional charge will be there for the attestation.

We have many students from your country who have joined us of which we can assist you in giving references. Plus, we have references of our alumni, who have completed the course and you can talk to them on our website.

6 to 8 months depending on the Deferment reason, if a student exceeds the promised deferment period, the student is bound to pay the registration fees.

There will be a further specified timeline given to submit the assignment once the initial deadline is expired. If the student still fails to submit then he/she will get a fine of AED 250.

As the program is purely designed for the working professionals there is no failing system. The student always gets an option of redoing the assignments.