Dr. Mila Georgieva Dimitrova

Adjunct Faculty

Currently, an associate professor at the Medical University of Varna, Bulgaria in the Department of Healthcare Management and Economics, Dr Mila teaches in several universities around the world. Her professional career includes both academic development and working with healthcare organizations (hospitals, medical centres, etc.) for 20 years. Currently, she is working on several research projects, including the future of healthcare management, a framework for analysis of the national healthcare system, integrated electronic management system for higher education in the healthcare field. Dr Mila Dimitrova has an education in healthcare management (a master’s and doctoral degree) and many additional specializations in healthcare management, medical informatics, project management, accreditation, quality assessment, performance measurement, and management. Her areas of expertise: healthcare management and leadership, hospital performance measurement and management, healthcare project management, healthcare management diagnostics and analysis, strategic healthcare management, business planning, accreditation, and hospital intranet system development.