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If the answer is yes, then you can unlock your career potential with a Master in Education (M.Ed) from City University, Malaysia.

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    Program Overview

    The master of Education from City University, Malaysia, aims to provide a critical and analytical framework for students to engage with academic concepts, theories, debates and research in the multidisciplinary study of education in the globalized world. To equip students with a critical awareness of key theoretical debates and issue, enabling them to develop a critical understanding, evaluation and ethical position in related to education and social justice issues. 


    The program comprises 12 modules.

    Compulsory Subjects

    • Educational Research Methodology

    • Development of Curriculum and Instruction

    • Philosophy of Education

    Discipline Core (Choose any 1 specialization, 5 modules each)

    • Instructional Design and Technology

    • Special Education

    • Education Psychology

    • Education Management and Leadership

    Project Paper

    • Research Paper

    Elective Subjects

    • Elective subject 1

    • Elective subject 2

    • Elective subject 3

    Entry Requirements

    • Minimum of Bachelor or equivalent overseas qualification

    • Applications for whom English is not their native language, nor the medium of instruction of their first degree in approved contexts, must have achieved a British CouncilIELTS

    Mature Entry

    • Applications for whom English is not their native language, nor the medium of instruction of their first degree in approved contexts, must have achieved a British CouncilIELTS

    Evolution: No exams, assignment-based

    Popular job titles include:

    • Faculty

    • Lecturer

    • Principle

    • Vice Principle

    • Lead Education/

    • Head of Department

    • Curriculum Design Manager

    • Learning Development Specialist/ Training Manager

    • Education Inspector

    • Administrator

    • Academic Quality Manager

    • Student Service Manager

    • Special Education directors

    • Academic Director

    • Speech and Language Pathologist

    • Educational Psychologist

    • College Provost

    • Deputy Head of Primary

    City University, Malaysia

    City University Malaysia Logo

    City University in Selangor, Malaysia, was founded by a group of scholars with extensive experience in local and international universities in April 1984. The university’s mission is to  provide high-quality industry and market-driven educational courses/programmers to produce knowledge-based, socially responsible leaders and managers.

    The programmers offered  at City University  are comprehensive and recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) and the Malaysia Qualifications Agency (MQA). The accreditation  provides local and international recognition of City University as an institution of higher learning. The Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia also recognizes the university as a credible education provider. 

    Reasons to Earn a Master's Degree in Education

    Earning a master’s in education can bring a number of benefits, including higher earning potential, professional development opportunities, and the ability to lead change.
    • Higher earning potential

      One of the primary reasons students pursue a master's degree is to increase their earning potential. A higher salary can significantly improve individual's quality of life, which is why obtaining a master's degree is a smart investment in one'sfuture.

    • Professional development:

      Another advantage of earning a master's degree is the opportunity for professional development. As a graduate, you will have access to more professional development opportunity, and you may even become a professional development yourself.

    • Leading change:

      By earning a master's degree, you'll have the educational background necessary to be hired into leadership positions and make a significant impact in the field of education.

    • Career Opportunities:

      A master's degree can prepare graduate for teaching and executive positions at public and private school. These include elementary, middle and high schools and postsecondary schools, like colleges and universities.



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