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M.Phil in Applied Business Leadership and Management

R&D makes business better. Applied Research helps us make better business decisions, which results in innovative products and services.

Program Overview

R&D makes business better. Applied Research helps us make better business decisions, which results in innovative products and services.

The 60-credit Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) program in Business Leadership and Management offered by Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM) University, Spain, is designed to empower managers to harness the power of applied research. The one-year program enables learners to conduct applied research in organizational behavior and leadership, contemporary research in business analytics, and action research in operational management.  

The program is designed for company managers and executives who wish to have a deeper comprehension of management and organizational transformation to promote responsible and sustainable business practices through research. It will ensure that the managers or executives have the skills necessary to manage the organization’s strategic perspective while also being aware of the strategies and equipment needed to bring about long-lasting change at all levels.

The goal of this program is to create senior change leaders who are capable of implementing change in a variety of organizations by utilising their adaptable leadership skills and competencies. The program will familiarise you with cutting-edge research and hone your ability to approach organizational change from two perspectives—commercial and social—to understand better why change occurs and how to manage it. This course, which focuses on effective change leadership, requires a lot of research and is possible to upgrade to a Doctorate in Management.

Course Duration​

12 months

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Study Mode

Online Learning

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    The program awards a Master of Philosophy in Applied Business Leadership and Management to students who finish the 1-year coursework and publish a scoping or systematic review on applied leadership and management.

    This course will enhance participants’ understanding of the research process. Participants will critically explore research approaches, language, and ethics. The course will take a step-by-step approach to develop students’ knowledge, skills and understanding of the design and implementation of quantitative and qualitative research designs, including cross-sectional surveys, cohort studies, randomized controlled trials, operational study designs, quasi-experiments, and cluster randomized controlled trials. The course will equip students with the skills necessary to conduct secondary research designs including scoping and systematic reviews. The course will also help students to develop the skills to recognize and reflect on the strengths and limitations of different research methodologies and address ethical and practical issues in research. Further, the student will be equipped with the ability to methodologically review and derive meaning from the published research work for application in professional practice and growth.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Identify and describe different quantitative study designs, describe the key elements and weaknesses and strengths associated with each approach, and application of quantitative research in professional practice.
    • To understand qualitative research approaches and their application, including qualitative data collection, analysis and reporting methods. 
    • To understand secondary research design and application methods, including scoping and systematic reviews approaches, and how different research designs can be combined in a mixed-method study approach.
    • To understand the concept of research quality assurance and its application in research integrity and ethical principles and application of validity and reliability principles in research.

    The course will equip participants with the essential skills, strategies, and tools they need to unlock their fullest potential in taking up expanded leadership responsibilities to guide their organizations effectively. Participants will be exposed to fundamental elements and models of organizational behavior as well as research methods applied in studying Organizational Psychology. Participants will also be involved in a comparative analysis of effective leadership approaches and methodological considerations in Leadership research. This knowledge and skills will enable participants to build their capacities in integrative thinking, managing diversity, team building and managing effective teams, and negotiating and influencing skills which are essential skills in leading organizations in the global business environment.

    Learning Outcomes

    • To understand the fundamental elements and models of organizational behavior and the influence of individual factors in organizational behavior.
    • To analyze effective leadership approaches and their application in leading successful organizations.
    • Discuss methodological approaches used in Leadership research.
    • To analyze and conceptualize quantitative and qualitative research methods used in organizational psychology.

    This course will enable participants to develop data-driven business leadership skills required in a complex knowledge-based global business environment. Participants will be introduced to the world of data analytics, with a focus on descriptive, diagnostic, predictive & prescriptive analytics, machine learning & optimization, data visualization, and decision making and leading with data. Participants will also be led to understand the application of data analytics in the knowledge economy and disruptive technology as contemporary domains which influence business operations on the global stage.

    Learning Outcomes

    • To understand descriptive and inferential statistics and the application of statistics in business research and decision making.
    • To understand Machine Learning algorithms and Optimization concepts, including supervised and unsupervised machine learning concepts with regression and classification techniques.
    • To explore the concept of Data Mining and the challenges associated with the application of big data analytics in Business.
    • Understand the application of data analytics in leading contemporary business domains including knowledge-based economy and disruptive technology.

    This course will help build participants’ understanding of the role of research to develop new products, processes and technologies that also emphasise the promotion of natural resources. The course will entail enhancing the learner’s perspective on the need for the integration of sustainable innovation. The course will enhance the leadership ability of the learner to understand sustainable business model innovation. Learners understand to communicate and manage stakeholders to drive the need for sustainable competitive advantage. The learner will evaluate and critically understand the need to be a catalyst to induce and efficiently incorporate and address global issues. This course will ensure the learner understands the critical role of being a purpose-driven leader. Learners will understand the step by process to maintain a sustainable business. The course highlights the role of advanced theories in sustainability. And focuses on the research on the use of sustainable design to protect the environment (increasing the focus on thermal comfort along with helping to reduce energy consumption and using recycled materials).

    Learning Outcomes

    • To understand and evaluate research on innovation and sustainability and to enhance research for sustainable business solutions.
    • To explore and understand models of Innovation and Sustainability in business and explore design thinking to improve sustainable innovation research. 
    • To analyze research sustainability perspectives with a green design and design science approach in the field of innovation.

    This course will enable learners to understand and apply elements of Action Research in the domain of operations. Students are expected to apply theoretical and data-driven approaches to add to the existing body of knowledge in Operations management. Through an initial operational understanding of the practice system within projects and processes, while controlling the standard quality linked at every stage, students gradually are trained to evaluate strategic issues of designing operational systems that yield optimized results. The research supervisors welcome a wide variety of operational domains that deserve to be improved through the application and cyclical nature of Action Research.

    Active Research Areas: service management, healthcare management, retail operations, logistics, supply-chain management, sustainability, stochastic control of processing networks, revenue management, not-for-profit operations, and contracting and economic-mechanism design.

    Learning Outcomes

    • To understand and apply the steps of Action Research in the domain of operations management.
    • To analyze and evaluate research-based practice systems within the supply chain of manufacturing and service firms.
    • To critically evaluate an action plan with control checks that focuses on improving the quality of the existing systems.
    • To critically evaluate the different methods of operations research with an aim to create efficient and effective operational channels.

    The participants in this course will develop a 3000-word research proposal in leadership and business management. The participants will be guided to identify a researchable knowledge gap of their interest and analyze and synthesize the knowledge gap into a problem statement. Participants will receive guidance on specific aspects of doing research including literature searching and conducting critical appraisal; referencing and application of relevant computer software in reference management; framing research questions and research objectives, and application of ethical issues in research. Participants will be capacity building to develop competence in assessing and appraising evidence in published literature, determining the gaps in the evidence and developing a feasible and valid study design that they can apply in their research. Participants will further be guided to develop a full research proposal.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Identify a relevant and suitable knowledge gap in Leadership and Business Management and develop structured research questions to address the knowledge gap. 
    • Write a literature review to identify existing evidence and knowledge gaps associated with the research problem of interest.
    • Develop a well-structured research protocol/proposal with clear timelines and relevant study methods that comply with the universal principles of research ethics principles.

    Progression Route

    Upon successful completion of 1-year coursework, if you wish to pursue your research to a doctoral level, there is an option. Upgrade to a Doctorate in Management degree by submitting a final research thesis of 120 credits. Though the term for research is two years, the learner can extend it for one more year.

    Learning Outcomes

    Live & interactive lectures by expert faculties

    Recorded session for offline viewing

    World-class curriculum by eminent faculty

    Regular webinars by industry leaders

    Assignments for module assessments

    Easy-to-use LMS accessible anywhere

    Online library to further enhance your knowledge

    Dissertation on your area of research work

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    Alexandros Spyridonis

    MBA in Health and Safety Leadership

    I extend my gratitude to Exeed College for all the support the team has given me to achieve this degree. Thank you Exeed Team. I am very happy and excited for the exciting experience…
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    Anesh Soni

    MBA in Operations and Project Management

    My journey with Exeed was very exciting. I am very lucky to be benefitted from the several of the opportunities I got from Exeed College. I have started off with the Project Management….
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    Armila Devi Ramasawmy

    MBA in Global Banking and Finance

    I have banking experience of more than 30 years. I work in Mauritius. I have started my MBA in Global Banking and Finance just after the world pandemic. I can say the faculty..
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    Imad Abou Antoun

    MBA Health and Safety Leadership

    I will start with the professors and teachers in Exeed College. They have exceptional ability in making students comprehend the most complex of concepts. I have had many personal experiences where the tutors…
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    Joeward Tawanda

    MBA in Health and Safety Leadership

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank Exeed College for all the support the team has given me to achieve this degree. It has been a challenging journey for me But with the help of Exeed College…
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    Johnpaul Uzonwa

    MBA in Health and Safety Leadership

    I am an HSE professional working in Abu Dhabi. I graduated from UCAM University with an MBA in Health and Safety Leadership. This was made possible through Exeed College. I have been studying in Exeed College…

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    About Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia

    Universidad Católica de Murcia, UCAM, is one of the fastest growing universities in the European region. Based out of Murcia, Spain, with learning centres in the UAE, Indonesia, and Singapore, UCAM offers more than 163 courses, including business administration, health care, computer science, sports management, and engineering. 

    The university has strategic partnerships with more than 360 international universities, including Stanford University, the National University of Singapore, and the National Technological University. UCAM is also a member of Erasmus Mundus and Universia. The UCAM E-MBA program is ranked among the top 10 in the region, and the university currently has over 21000 active learners.

    UCAM accredits and awards MBA programs in General Management, MBA in Business Analytics, MBA in Operations and Project Management, MBA in Health and Safety Leadership, MBA in Global Banking and Finance, MBA in Agile Supply Chain Management, MBA in Global Healthcare Management, MBA in Energy and Sustainability, MBA in Accounting and Finance and MBA in Marketing Management. 

    These degrees are awarded by UCAM under the provision of university private degrees – Título Propio.

    Program Faculty


    Dr. Mark Anthony S. Naval

    Faculty in Education
    Dr. Mark Anthony S. Naval

    Dr. Noor un Nisa Shahani

    Dr. Noor un Nisa Shahani
    Dr. Noor holds the degree of PhD in Commerce (Management Sciences) from University of Sindh, Jamshoro, Pakistan. Her research interest includes Organizational Behavior, Business Creativity, HR Practices and General Management. She has 10 years of teaching experience at University Level. She also holds a high reputation due to her extraordinary contribution in Research and got award for outstanding research contribution in 2021 by Bath Spa University, UAE. As a trainer Dr. Noor has conducted professional trainings on Research methods Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis. Where she has had the opportunity to train, interact and learn from highly qualified faculty. She has around 30 national and International research publications.
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    Shahid Wani

    Senior Faculty
    Shahid Wani
    Shahid holds 8 years of experience in Business and Finance, both industrial and academic. For the first 3 years of his working career, he worked for the British Civil Service in the financial domain. He has also been an active volunteer for an NGO in India, specifically working on social issues like women's empowerment, child education, child labour, and dowry. Shahid started his teaching career as a lecturer in India and has accomplished himself as a valuable faculty in various domains of business management, especially in the areas of Accounting, Finance, Risk, and Banking. He is also well equipped and experienced in business areas like HR, Supply Chain, Operations, sustainability, and so on. Besides he is also an established Trainer with years of experience in the Education & Corporate sector in the UAE & India. He earned his Master’s degree in Accounting & Finance from the University of Huddersfield, United Kingdom. Currently, he is pursuing his certification from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) body, UK. He is also a successful diploma holder in the areas of Leadership and Conflict Management. Being a sports enthusiast, Shahid is a State level cricket player and has played across many states in India and local clubs in the United Kingdom. He has won many certifications and awards in various other sports including basketball and hockey.
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    Salma Yehia

    Salma Yehia
    Salma Yehia is a lecturer and research analyst in the areas of Marketing and Business Studies with extensive 7-year experience in academia. She started her teaching career as a lecturer in Egypt at the German University in Cairo (GUC) and has proved herself as a valuable faculty in various domains especially Marketing and Strategic Management. She is also experienced in other business studies as Human Resource Management, International Business, Strategic Leadership, and Business Sustainability. Alongside Salma has professional research experience and has excelled as a Research Assistant on numerous fieldwork research projects in Egypt, Germany, and UAE. Salma holds an MSc in Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing from the GUC. And is currently pursuing her PhD degree at Phillips-University in Marburg; with a thesis titled “The effect of living in a sustainable city on sustainable consumption: a comparative analysis between Germany and UAE”. Her research interests lie in the areas of international marketing, sustainability, consumer psychology, and corporate social responsibility. She has published and presented proceedings at international conferences in Egypt, Germany, and Turkey. In addition to academia, Salma practices Pilates and is passionate about travelling, exploring new destinations, and experiencing diversified cultures.
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    Dr. Rekha Shewakramani

    Dr. Rekha Shewakramani
    Dr Rekha Shewakramani has a Doctorate in Management with a specialization in Human Resource Management. Her research focuses on organizational behaviour which associates with a performance at work and contentment in an organization. Rekha has been awarded various accolades in the field of research and management in human resources. Her key achievement was to receive the title of the researcher of the year in 2019 for her presentations and publications in the research field. Rekha started her teaching career in UAE in the year 2020 and has successfully trained various professionals for the certification and courses that have accreditation from the UK. Her hands-on experience in teaching undergraduate and post-graduate students in India is now serving as an encouragement to serve and train professionals about the practices of management across different nations. She has recently become an Associate member of CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, UK) in the year 2022. Being a gold medallist in Master of Business Administration, her research work has been chosen and published in some of the UGC Listed Journals in India. She has always been a part of the education industry by serving as a counsellor, trainer, and research fellow which has helped her in attaining the confidence in developing content and imparting knowledge using a combination of practical and theoretical tools.
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    Maria Monica

    Faculty and Course Leader
    Maria Monica
    Maria is an academician with over seven years of teaching experience for Postgraduate and Undergraduate programs. Areas of expertise and research interests include the field of accounting, finance, taxation, banking & education. Published several articles in national and international journals. She is currently pursuing her PhD. Other Qualifications - M. Com (Accounting & Taxation), B. Com (Finance), PGDBI (Banking & Insurance), B.Ed. (Pedagogy Commerce) and UGC NET.
    Online MBA in Dubai

    Rajashree K.N

    Senior Faculty and Course Leader
    Rajashree K.N
    Rajshree’s qualification entails MBA in Human Resources, Bachelor's in Science, and BA in Arts. Prior to her 8-year stint in education, she had the privilege to work as human resource personnel in organizations like GE, Nissan, Fullerton India, and Standard Chartered Bank for a span of 8 years.
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    Dr. Vivek Mohan

    Dean – Academic and Student Affairs
    Dr. Vivek Mohan
    Dr Vivek is an award-winning researcher with several years of experience leading the design, delivery and digital transformation of programs in higher education in the UK, Europe and the Middle East. He had previously taken up Faculty and Researcher positions at Sheffield Business School, UK, and Leeds Business School, UK. His corporate training and consulting portfolio includes firms such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, International Cricket Council, WJ Ground Water and Petrofac. Dr Vivek holds a PhD in Business Management and an MSc in International Business from the UK and is certified in education design for higher education from Sydney (UNSW), blockchain essentials (UCLA), blended learning essentials from the UK (UCL-Leeds), and in Project Management from CMI, UK. He is also a certified member of the British Academy of Management and served as the editorial board member of the International Journal of Family Business and Management in the US. He is also a sports enthusiast and plays competitive badminton and basketball.

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    Assignment and Assessment

    UCAM – Exeed College follows an assignment-based assessment approach, and the student needs to submit an assignment after each module.

    Entry Requirements

    Applicants must have attained the following qualifications:

    • Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent from recognized institutions.
    • Candidates must have a thorough command of written and spoken English.

    Documents Needed

    • Duly filled application form
    • Academic documents (Bachelor degree with transcripts)
    • Resume
    • A copy of your passport
    • A photograph

    *Degrees offered by UCAM are university’s accredited own awards and should not be misconstrued as nationally accredited awards in spain.

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