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Best 1 Year Online MBA Programs

Standing tall at the heart of UAE, Exeed College offers top-rated online MBA programs in collaboration with international universities.

Online MBA to Master the Future of Business

An elite provider of various online academic programs, Exeed College, offers one-year online MBA programs that can be your ticket to a thriving career. The fast-track MBA courses here are finely curated with an emphasis on theoretical and practical knowledge. A highly dedicated faculty team makes the MBA journey of the students all the more worthwhile. With years of industry experience, each faculty member has much more to offer to the students than just textbook knowledge. The academic interdisciplinary and strongly practice-oriented approach, in collaboration with international global universities, offers a unique learning experience at Exeed College.

Highly flexible modules, easy access, and affordable rates are just a few reasons to opt for Exeed online MBA programs. Access to recorded sessions of live virtual classes enables students to study at their own pace. Exeed College champions inclusion, equality, and diversity and prides itself in its rich and diverse demographic from fifty-plus countries. Learners, therefore, get the opportunity to build a global network to help them build exemplary careers.

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    How are we different?

    Tie Up With Top Universities
    Personalised Experience
    Industry-relevant Programs
    Online live - interactive (blended learning) sessions
    Recorded sessions and e-library access
    Complete guided learning program
    Assignment-based evaluation
    Robust Learning Management System (LMS)
    Affordable fees & flexible payment plan

    If you’d like to gain the complete skill set to succeed in today’s business world, this is the area for you.

    MBA Skills in Demand

    An MBA program brings together the best of both worlds: business acumen and professional expertise. To navigate the business world effectively, applicants must possess hard and soft skills. Strategic thinking, analytical thinking, problem-solving, leadership, and interpersonal skills are among the most sought-after MBA skills.

    Analytical/quantitative skills
    Analytical/quantitative skills
    Written communication skills
    Technical skills
    Technical skills
    Problem-solving skills
    Strong work ethic
    Ability to work in a team
    Verbal communication skills
    Computer skills
    Leadership skills
    Interpersonal skills

    Most in-demand skills employers looking for in MBA graduates include:

    You’ll stand out to the world’s biggest recruiters with these top MBA skills.

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    Find Out Our MBA Programs

    MBA in Human Resource Management

    This one-year program is for aspiring leaders who wish to enhance their understanding of strategic human resource management’s key concepts and create strategic alignment between human capital and organizational goal.
    doctorate in management

    MBA in International Business and Relations

    The one-year program offers a comprehensive understanding of international entrepreneurship, cross-border business opportunities and obstacles, and decision-making frameworks for corporate internationalisation rooted in economics, management strategy, international finance, marketing, and human resource management.
    doctorate in management

    MBA in Public Relations and Advertising

    One year fully accredited and internationally recognised program in PR and Advertising is designed to provide learners with the knowledge and understanding of the relationship between products/services and the public. The program will prepare for a management career in
    doctorate in management

    MBA in Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain

    The MBA in Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain is a one-year program designed to provide learners with the knowledge and understanding of the innovative technologies of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. The fully accredited, internationally recognised program equips students for a
    doctorate in management

    MBA in Global Sports Management

    This one year, fully-accredited and internationally recognised MBA program in Global Sports Management allows individuals to take up a leadership role within the sports industry.  The program will open doors in team management, events organisation, marketing, and prepare for
    doctorate in management

    MBA in Energy and Sustainability

    The aim of this one year fully accredited and internationally recognised MBA program is to engage students to focus on change in the energy sector. The program will prepare them for roles in oil exploration, power transmission, energy/power infrastructure,
    doctorate in management

    MBA in Global Healthcare Management

    An internationally-accredited one-year comprehensive program designed for healthcare management professionals who are looking forward to a great career in the healthcare industry. The students enrolling for this program can prepare for the roles in Health administration, healthcare information, healthcare
    doctorate in management

    MBA in Business Analytics

    Designed for career progressive management professionals, the one year fully accredited and internationally recognised Executive MBA in Business Analytics program will prepare for roles in Marketing, Research, Operations, IT, Supply Chain and Consultancy etc.  The program helps to build
    doctorate in management

    Why Study MBA

    An MBA degree requires you to step outside of your comfort zone. You’ll learn about the most recent International Business trends, how to use the most up-to-date management tools and practices, and how to improve your business, teams, and cooperation.

    An MBA can also help you prepare for changes in the business world. The skills you acquire are also the best tools for adapting to the inevitable changes in industries, markets, and business practices.

    If you intend to change careers, but the industry advances in a way that disrupts your plans, the abilities you’ve acquired will enable you to adjust and find a new path rapidly. You’ll also be able to take advantage of economic shifts and identify new business opportunities.

    How is an MBA helpful in securing a better career? Let us discuss some of the benefits of studying for an online MBA degree.

    Your professional skills improve

    While it is important to remain positive, a practical and realistic approach is important in business. MBA students are taught to have a pragmatic approach towards work and not base all solutions or decisions on just theoretical research and results.

    You can choose specializaion of your interest

    MBA offers various specialisations that help candidates focus on an area of interest. MBA Global Banking and Finance, MBA Operations and Project Management, MBA Energy and Sustainability, and Business Analytics are among the many specialisations offered by the MBA program.

    You expand your professional network

    Apart from job placement and better pay, MBA programs enable students to have valuable connections with their peers and alumni to share information and knowledge bonds. The relationships provide many clouts when getting a job at a good company through referrals.

    Your earning potential increases

    According to reports, practically everyone who completes an MBA school receives a pay boost shortly after graduation. Most MBA programs provide comprehensive placement assistance to help students land jobs at their preferred employers. An MBA graduate’s pay is significantly higher than that of people without an MBA.

    You can develop entrepreneurship skills

    Candidates with a business background and relevant expertise can start their own company and apply their knowledge. An MBA gives you the confidence and exposure you need to become a successful entrepreneur.

    Who should do an MBA degree?

    An MBA degree has numerous advantages, especially from a respected institution. It aids in the acquisition of a high-paying managerial position and the advancement of one’s career. Let’s take a look at who benefits from earning an MBA:

    When is the best time to get an MBA?

    MBA Specializations

    MBA programs consist of some general papers and some special papers. Based on the special papers or the specialisation that the students choose, the online MBA programs can be classified into the following branches:

    The program prepares you for roles in General Management, Branch Management, Business Unit Management and Strategic Business Unit Management. It will help you to develop the core skills and professional competencies to take on senior management or leadership roles in the public or private sector.

    Designed for career progressive healthcare management professionals, the program prepares for roles in healthcare administration, healthcare information, healthcare and life sciences, procurement, etc.

    Designed for career progressive management professionals. The course includes real-world case studies that equip students with the skills to manage projects and operations seamlessly. Operations management is a field that focuses on the development, production, and manufacturing of goods.

    This program will guide you through the management and technical skills and develop you into a broadly knowledgeable professional capable of performing at the top of the international banking and finance industry. It will equip for roles in Retail Banking, Wholesale Banking, Commercial Banking and Financial Services as Relationship Manager, Product Manager, Sales Manager, Asset Manager and Portfolio Manager.

    This program explores management fundamentals concerning the sports industry and will prepare the learners for management careers in sports organisations, teams, clubs, sportspersons, venues, telecasting and events.

    A Master’s degree in Finance or Master of Business Administration degree in Accounting and Finance is designed to prepare a graduate for a career in financial analysis, credit management, investment management, investment banking, hedge funds, private equity, personal financial adviser and corporate finance.

    This degree prepares students for careers in strategic marketing management of businesses, health care organisations, government agencies, and non-profit enterprises. The degree will equip students with the theories, methods and systems needed for the strategic analysis, development, execution and measurement of marketing programs.

    Specialising in business analytics is a great way to future-proof your career and understand how business can leverage big data. Executive MBA in Business Analytics program will prepare for roles in Marketing, Research, Operations, IT, Supply Chain and Consultancy etc.

    This program aims to provide a practical grasp of occupational health and safety legislation and requirements and improve abilities in ensuring a safe working environment with suitable theoretical and conceptual analysis.

    This comprehensive program is designed for supply chain professionals looking forward to a great career in the shipping, logistics, supply chain, and procurement industry.  

    It is specially designed for the professionals who want to gain a comprehensive outlook of the Supply Chain industry and be abreast with the latest trends in the domain.

    MBA programs in Energy & Sustainability are designed to prepare tomorrow’s business leaders to solve global energy and environmental sustainability issues. Participating in this program will provide you with all the tools you need to launch a successful career as a manager in the (clean) energy sector.

    The program in Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain is designed to provide learners with the knowledge and understanding of the innovative technologies of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain and prepare them for a management career in the field.

    MBA in Public Relations and Advertising will enable the students to understand the principles of public relations and advertising and to explain how they can be used to develop successful PR and advertising strategies.

    Business Management Doctorate

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      The best part?

      One thing that makes these programs lucrative is that you can study while working. These online MBA programs are designed for business professionals serious about improving their careers and preparing them for leadership and transformational roles in business. The learners also get the ultimate flexibility in choosing the mode of learning.

      With the latest synchronous online learning technology, they will be a part of a live classroom of students joining from all over the world and gaining hands-on international experience and exposure.

      With the support of world-class faculty with a wealth of academic and practical experience globally, the learners can develop their understanding of the core disciplines that contribute to the study of management.

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