In line with the updated guidelines from our University partners, the College Board has approved a change to the fee structure for all our programs, effective January 2024 onwards. In line with the updated guidelines from our University partners, the College Board has approved a change to the fee structure for all our programs, effective January 2024 onwards.

Collaboration Takes Center Stage at the Exeed Research Symposium 2023

Exeed College, a leading institution in higher education, proudly announces the successful completion of it’s first-ever Research Symposium held at Hyatt Place in Dubai on 8 July 2023. This milestone event marked the culmination of Exeed College’s journey into doctoral research, with 225 doctoral scholars presently studying their groundbreaking works on a range of organizational problems.

Exeed College’s doctoral students and faculty presented their research papers along with two keynote addresses and a fireside chat. In this thought-provoking and intellectually stimulating event, a research group of doctoral scholars gather to share their findings and inspire each other with their remarkable work. The symposium aims to provide a platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration, fostering innovation in research.

Dean of Exeed College Dr. Vivek Mohan welcomed the audience and said that this was only the beginning of the college’s grander vision. In his felicitation address, Mr. Anil Ahluwalia, Academic Director of the Westford Education Group, said that in the vast ocean of knowledge, every drop counts. He briefly summarized mankind’s history and research, then motivated students to collaborate and innovate so they can make their own contributions to society and humanity.

Dr. Robert Machado, the Dean of Acacia University, United States, delivered the first keynote address on sustainability in business operations. He highlighted the importance of managing resources, maintaining social well-being, integrating knowledge and promoting a circular economy. Dr. Robert emphasized that sustainability should get more attention and resources in the business world and not be limited to business operations alone but is a responsibility that each individual must uphold.

Ms. Victoria Zagorski, Chief Insight and Strategy Officer of Insights Middle East and Africa, was another keynote speaker. She walked listeners through the applications of artificial intelligence in education and how it can be leveraged to drive efficiency across all stakeholders in education. Acacia University’s Dr. Baharulla Safi and Dr. Maurey Bond were also present on the dais as dignitaries.

After the key note addresses, the panelists engaged in a fireside chat at the event. They discussed the role of innovation in driving sustainability, highlighting the importance of a culture of sustainability and overcoming resistance to change. The convergence of innovation, sustainability, and business was emphasized as crucial for a brighter future, requiring personal and collaborative actions from stakeholders. Embracing sustainability as a core belief fosters innovation and creates a sustainable world for future generations.

After the fireside chat, 8 doctoral students gave presentations on their research. The faculty members of Exeed College are strong advocates for their students’ endeavors. In addition to their roles as educators and mentors, they actively participate in independent research and contribute to published books. The event provided 4 of them with a valuable platform to share and discuss their papers in the presence of their peers.

The presenters at the symposium received valuable feedback from their audience, who asked several questions about their presentations, and they clarified their points with answers. The symposium was marked by frequent breaks, during which delegates could network with their fellow scholars and experts. A quiz session on sustainability also took place at the symposium.

In her valedictory speech, Miss Poonam Heryani, Associate Dean, Teacher Education, stressed the ever-increasing relevance of research in today’s epoch and time. She said that by conducting research, we can gain a deeper understanding of the world around us. Research also encourages us to question assumptions, challenge existing paradigms and explore uncharted territories.

Namvula Ankama received the award for Best Paper, while Basil Musthafa was honored with the award for Best Presentation.

Dr. Bhawana Chawla, Vice President of Admissions and Business, concluded the symposium with a vote of thanks.

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