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Exeed College hosts an insightful webinar on ‘Empathy in Business Management’

Exeed College successfully conducted an insightful webinar on ‘Empathy in Practice: A Business Management Webinar’ on Friday, 14 April 2023. The webinar aimed to broaden the professional perspective and deepen the understanding of empathy among individuals.

The webinar began with the host, Anesh Soni, welcoming the distinguished panellist, Mr Gopa Kumar P, Life and Transformation Coach and accomplished author of the book ‘7 Strides to A Better Life’. With over 20 years of experience in prominent leadership positions within the banking and financial sector in various countries, Mr Kumar shared his valuable insights and perspectives on the topic.

At the beginning of the session, the participants were encouraged to share their expectations of the webinar. One of the questions the speaker addressed was whether empathy is an innate or acquired skill, and he provided a better understanding of the concept using various examples and scenarios. 

The speaker, Mr Kumar, discussed the significance of empathy in effective leadership and its positive impact on professional growth during the session. He highlighted that empathy is a critical skill for not only leaders but also every individual. The session covered different aspects of empathy, such as its definition, importance, and various components. He also discussed the science and cognition aspect of empathy, including techniques to master the skill, common barriers, and practical examples of how to improve empathy skills. Ultimately, Mr Kumar stressed the importance of empathy as a current necessity in business leadership and in general.

The Q&A session at the end of the webinar provided an opportunity for the participants to share their thoughts about empathy. The session was productive and informative, and the participants expressed their satisfaction in having the chance to learn and engage in such an insightful opportunity.

To conclude, Exeed College’s webinar on Empathy in Business Management was a success, offering valuable insights and perspectives to participants. It effectively conveyed the value and significance of broadening individuals’ professional perspectives and deepening their understanding of empathy in business management.

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