PG Diploma in PMP

PG Diploma in Supply Chain Management

PG Diploma in Supply Chain Management is a specially crafted program for the people who are looking master the knowledge and skills required to perform the role of supply chain management professional. During the duration of the course, the participants will master the concepts related to supply chain, operations management and systems thinking.

Who is it for?

  • Professionals who are looking forward for gaining technical and business competence in the fields of Supply chain management and logistics would benefit from this unique program.
  • Supply Chain Professionals who are looking forward for gaining competence in clearing the professional certifications from APICS
  • Supply Chain Professionals who want to master wider aspects of procurement, supply chain, supplier developer and commercial relationships will find this program.

Course Overview:

During the course the professionals will learn:

  • To develop winning supply chain strategies.
  • To create new approaches for improved supply chain performance.
  • To create resilient supply chains for purposes of mitigating supply chain risk
  • To design supply chains for different environments
  • To design international supply chain strategies for purposes of global operations.
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  • PG Diploma in Supply Chain Management from CIQ UK
  • Project Supply Chain Management from CMI UK

About CIQ:

CIQ is an international awarding body based out of United Kingdom. CIQ offer professional diploma, postgraduate certificate and postgraduate diploma in management and engineering streams. CIQ programs are accredited by Northern Council of Further Education and TQUK. CIQ is a proud corporate learning partner of more than 100 organizations.

About CMI:

CMI: Chartered Management Institute is the only chartered professional body dedicated to promoting the highest standards in management and leadership excellence. Over 100,000 managers uses CMI unique services on a daily basis. CMI enjoys an authoritative mandate from the management community so that you can be sure your voice is heard in government, education and business. Organizations like Jaguar, Landrover, Royal Bank of Scotland, Fujitsu, Allianz, Silverstone, Royal Air Force, London South Bank and Royal College of Physicians uses Chartered Management Institute certifications for certifying their professionals. CMI chartered managers includes Sarah Bradburey, Chief Operations Officer of Winmark and Karl Thurogood, CEO, Greater Manchester Police Federation.

  • I was looking to grow my knowledge and career in the HR field and was looking for an educational institution that allowed me the flexibility to continue my corporate working hours, responsibilities as a mother of 2 children & ESBF provided just that.
    I found that it was all possible. The professors at Exceed school of Business and finance (ESBF) are experts in delivering online courses, and the lectures were very helpful and professional I'm proud to be a student of ESBF.
    Fatima Zrizar ( Office Manager in Marriott International - Dubai )
  • I am having a very wide knowledge in my MBA studies at UCAM that are directly related to my work environment, we are sharing our experience during our sessions with the instructors and as students with each others. I would recommend UCAM for MBA studies.
    Rony Nasrany ( Plant Manager - Le Pre, Lebanon )
  • This MBA online program is really suitable for me as my job requires me to travel, and it allows me to catch up missed lessons with the recorded class available online via Learning Management System.
    The subjects taught are relevant to all work environments. And the course fee is also very reasonable, thus making it value for money.
    Strongly recommend this program to senior level managers who aspire to fight for C-level position.
    Idris Ong ( Strategic And Business Development Director - Yangon Myanmar )
  • My MBA course in ESBF was very smooth, the interactive online learning was very effective , the level of communication with various team is very strong, learning tools and resources are easy to use and efficient especially the E-Library, and recorded sessions, I like the way doctors, and professors were responding to queries and difficulties, assignments are very well oriented to assure the retention of information after every module, the schedule of online lectures is very convenient not affecting the work hours
    Saad Chojaa ( Senior Consultant Oracle - UAE )
  • As a CEO, a husband and a father, I've always thought achieving my goal of getting an MBA was impossible till I learnt about UCAM / Exeed College. The course curriculum and experienced lecturers has made it flexible for me to combine and work and home front.
    Oladipupo Akinkunmi ( CEO Alveena Events Abuja - Nigeria )
  • ESBF is an excellent institution offering an interactive learning platform. I was able to achieve my MBA with great results and without compromising my personal or work commitments.
    Louis Van Dyk ( Operations Manager at ITCOMAN, South Africa )
  • Exeed College is the best option for short term MBA with a learned faculty members and a Valid certificate to pursue your goals. The program is designed for working professionals to advance their career growth. I am happy to be part of this course.
    Sanjeev Kumar Jha ( Deputy Director, Central Bank of Nepal )
  • Studying this MBA has been a challenging yet extremely rewarding experience. The international dynamics of the class create a global environment where students are encouraged to work effectively and cooperate with peers from different backgrounds and cultures
    Claudia Lukomski, UK
  • Learning with ESBF was absolutely a pleasant experience accommodating the ongoing job priorities. They have proved virtual class is nothing less than an actual classroom. Excellent teachers with interactive sessions made this journey completely worthwhile.
    Hajara Aboobacker ( Commercial excellence leader MERTA, Honeywell )
  • Class has students from many corners of the world , US,Vietnam,England,India , in the end it is very effective to learning.
    Jacob Hauge, USA
  • ''Exeed College came across at a time i needed an MBA degree in Energy and Sustainability. The college has a wide range of programs for fresh school leavers and experienced professionals. Some of the distinctive features of Exeed are flexibility of the online lecture; the depth of the course modules; the case-studies and more importantly, renowned and seasoned facilitators. With Exeed, I'm able to improve my knowledge, get dual certifications without necessarily quitting my current employment.
    Akinlabi Dada - (Business Development Manager) - Triumph Power & Gas System Ltd. - Nigeria.
  • I decided to attend the MBA in Health & Safety Leadership with the well reputed institution. The web based method is working fine. It is strongly supported from administration. The academic research is exciting. The tutors and the service team are making a great job. Awell-structured MBA course in a very reasonable price.
    Alexandros Spyridonis ( HSE Manager ) - SaliniImpregiloSpA, UAE.
  • I have always wanted to pursue my MBA degree yet I never had the time convenience to do so. With Exeed College I managed to complete my MBA degree, learn new material, and meet exciting people through the Learning Management System. It has been a pleasant experience, and I have had the pleasure to gain additional knowledge through the Faculty who were enthusiastic about the courses and knowledgeable of the content.
    Ali Mahmoud El Moussa ( VIP IT Support ) - Emirates NBD Bank, UAE
  • Exeed made me realize that growth is attainable through education in every way possible. The modular approach gave me educational freedom to work and study simultaneously. It is committed to its mission of producing world class professionals, able and capable to compete in this vast changing world.
    Eric Daguy Chiu ( Assistant Manager ) - Samsung Engineering - Saudi Arabia
  • It comes with great pleasure to say I obtained a broad knowledge base from Exeed College on a diverse field as I enrolled for the MBA General Management program. The support one will receive from Professors, Student Advisors and the overall faculty are from a sublime quality. The content supply is truly phenomenal beyond belief. I would highly recommend and encourage everyone seeking to broaden their horizon of knowledge as well as their perspectives to enroll for this program as it may lead to a prosperous future as you'd have the knowledge to deal with all sorts of situations found in the industry.
    Lezaan Van Graan ( Health & Safety Officer ) - Tealah, SA
  • Exeed a world-class business school that has taken me through flexible balanced Learn & work journey with their highly dedicated staff” I am put of words toward this magnificent platform..!
    Waed NafezSulieman Al-Soutari - ( Product specialist ) - Sapphire Company, KSA
  • After spending 5 years of my life in research (Biotechnology), I discovered my passion in teaching, but mere knowledge of subject is not sufficient for comprehensive teaching practices. In this era of technology, learning processes are changing progressively. In order to develop enhanced learning environment, we need to attain best teaching methods and practices. Therefore, to enhance my understanding and knowledge of teaching and learning methods, student psychology, and pedagogical transformation I have chosen this PGCEi course. Apparently, as I needed, this course focuses on developing and improving individual teaching practice through research and critical reflection.

    I strongly believe that this Teacher Training course partnered with my subject qualification will make me more informed and accomplished candidate for teaching role. As I have joined this course, this has been an amazing journey so far and I am acquiring required knowledge. I hope I convey it to my students and make remarkable difference.

    Dr. Nida Fatima
  • The PGCEi course will open up more opportunities for my career and afford me greater flexibility in my work. I think this course is an important step toward reaching my career goals and becoming a better teacher as I believe “Better preparation makes for better teaching”. I chose this course because it will lead me to fulfill my ambition and build my future career. I am so excited to start learning more about the theories and principals of education, and to distinguish between different perspectives of educational and social issues that can affect learning. I am extremely eager for the opportunity to pursue my PGCEi and at the University of Liverpool John Moores in particular.

    The course’s specific goals and modules fit perfectly with what I hope to get out of my educational study and resonate deeply with my interests and career goals. I assume that teaching can certainly be a challenge if the teacher doesn’t have the required skills. I experienced spending a single day in a room full of raucous students, during this time I was patient to find a way to work with my students and earn their respect. UAE is a multicultural country as the teacher have different students come from different backgrounds, learn in different ways, that’s why giving lessons need unique teaching tools. I am so grateful for all Exeed College staff and the Academic Head for being so inspirational and cooperative giving me all that I need to start a new experience in professional learning.

    Sawsan Haj Abdulkader
  • I have joined this course to improve myself generally as an educator. There is no end to learning and will love to develop myself and learn as much as possible this course has to offer to improve myself as an outstanding teacher and be of more value in the field of education.

    I was lucky enough to storm across an affordable institution to where getting qualification is possible.

    This will also serve as a pathway to getting a Master of Education being that I have not graduated with bachelor of education in my first degree. I expect to have a smooth sail in this journey and best wishes to myself.

    Ms. Lois Alfa
  • I join this course with an aspiration to start my journey towards my PhD and also join a reputed school in Dubai .I want to work with schools and teachers to bring back the joy of effortless teaching and learning.

    I approach my teaching practice with 4 P’s:

    Positivity: having a positive outlook solves half the problem in its nascent stage.

    Patience: Even the strongest bamboo shoot takes 5years to sprout. Patience is the key.

    Reactiveness: is key to smooth run of events and behavioral patterns.

    Persistence: key to having a habit formation in students and credibility building in teacher.

    My expectations from this course is to strengthen my content knowledge. Take this platform to learn and unlearn new teaching practices and ideologies. Learn from the best in the field of education and this demographic in particular. So wishing myself and my dear co-learners “All the best” may we all see the broader picture of being teacher and understand that “End of Education is Character”.

    Rajashree Gopa

The supply chain courses are delivered through onsite face to face classes held at our campuses in Dubai and Sharjah during weekends and weekdays.
Learner also have an option to choose online mode of study administered through our proprietary state of the art virtual learning platform.

Post certification, the participants will receive an honourable membership from ‘Chartered Management Institute’ subject to eligibility criterions of CMI , UK and will be included in the alumni portal of ESBF.