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The PGCE Postgraduate Certificate in Education (International) is aimed at professional teachers and practitioners working in countries other than the UK. The PGCE (International) focuses on improving individual teaching practice through research and critical reflection. Compare teaching approaches from different countries and evolve a global approach to teaching and education. As per the current regulations governing the education industry, teachers in the UAE are highly recommended to hold a PGCEi (level 7) qualification in order to further their career. The programme can be studied by teachers and education practitioners from all backgrounds, regardless of the subject and the curriculum- turn they teach in.

Module Details

Eligibility Criteria

Age 20+ and Gender is no bar. Be currently teaching and have access to a classroom (if not we will provide placement support).
Be committed to developing their teaching and learning skills through reflective practice in the field of education.
Be graduates of an approved university or other institution of higher education.
Applicants for whom English is not the medium of instruction of their first degree must have achieved a British Council IELTS average final score of 6.5 with a minimum of 6.0 in any element no more than two years prior to admission.
Applicants with lesser qualifications may be considered for ‘exceptional entry’. If you do not meet these criteria you may contact us about a non-standard entry

About the university


Founded as a small mechanics institution (Liverpool Mechanics’ School of Arts) In 1823, the institution grew over the centuries by converging and amalgamating with dierent colleges, including the F.L.Calder School of Domestic Science, the City of Liverpool C.F.Mott Training College, before eventually becoming Liverpool Polytechnic in 1970. The University also has a tong history of providing training, education and research to the maritime industry, dating back to the formation of the Liverpool Nautical College in 1892. The institution then became a university under the term of the Further and Higher Education Act 1992 under the new title of “Liverpool John Moores University”. UMU’s academic partnerships include further education colleges,hospital trusts, public services and private companies, as well as other universities in Europe,. Asia and the USA, with which it collaborates on world-leading research projects and study abroad opportunities for students. LJMU now has more than 25,000 students from over 100 countries world-wide, 2,400 sta and 250 degree courses. LJMU was awarded the Queen’s Anniversary Prize in 2005. LJMU is a founding member of the North-em Consortium, an educational charity, owned by eleven universities in the north of England.

  • After spending 5 years of my life in research (Biotechnology), I discovered my passion in teaching, but mere knowledge of subject is not sufficient for comprehensive teaching practices. In this era of technology, learning processes are changing progressively. In order to develop enhanced learning environment, we need to attain best teaching methods and practices. Therefore, to enhance my understanding and knowledge of teaching and learning methods, student psychology, and pedagogical transformation I have chosen this PGCEi course. Apparently, as I needed, this course focuses on developing and improving individual teaching practice through research and critical reflection.

    I strongly believe that this Teacher Training course partnered with my subject qualification will make me more informed and accomplished candidate for teaching role. As I have joined this course, this has been an amazing journey so far and I am acquiring required knowledge. I hope I convey it to my students and make remarkable difference.

    Dr. Nida Fatima
  • The PGCEi course will open up more opportunities for my career and afford me greater flexibility in my work. I think this course is an important step toward reaching my career goals and becoming a better teacher as I believe “Better preparation makes for better teaching”. I chose this course because it will lead me to fulfill my ambition and build my future career. I am so excited to start learning more about the theories and principals of education, and to distinguish between different perspectives of educational and social issues that can affect learning. I am extremely eager for the opportunity to pursue my PGCEi and at the University of Liverpool John Moores in particular.

    The course’s specific goals and modules fit perfectly with what I hope to get out of my educational study and resonate deeply with my interests and career goals. I assume that teaching can certainly be a challenge if the teacher doesn’t have the required skills. I experienced spending a single day in a room full of raucous students, during this time I was patient to find a way to work with my students and earn their respect. UAE is a multicultural country as the teacher have different students come from different backgrounds, learn in different ways, that’s why giving lessons need unique teaching tools. I am so grateful for all Exeed College staff and the Academic Head for being so inspirational and cooperative giving me all that I need to start a new experience in professional learning.

    Sawsan Haj Abdulkader
  • I have joined this course to improve myself generally as an educator. There is no end to learning and will love to develop myself and learn as much as possible this course has to offer to improve myself as an outstanding teacher and be of more value in the field of education.

    I was lucky enough to storm across an affordable institution to where getting qualification is possible.

    This will also serve as a pathway to getting a Master of Education being that I have not graduated with bachelor of education in my first degree. I expect to have a smooth sail in this journey and best wishes to myself.

    Ms. Lois Alfa
  • I join this course with an aspiration to start my journey towards my PhD and also join a reputed school in Dubai .I want to work with schools and teachers to bring back the joy of effortless teaching and learning.

    I approach my teaching practice with 4 P’s:

    Positivity: having a positive outlook solves half the problem in its nascent stage.

    Patience: Even the strongest bamboo shoot takes 5years to sprout. Patience is the key.

    Reactiveness: is key to smooth run of events and behavioral patterns.

    Persistence: key to having a habit formation in students and credibility building in teacher.

    My expectations from this course is to strengthen my content knowledge. Take this platform to learn and unlearn new teaching practices and ideologies. Learn from the best in the field of education and this demographic in particular. So wishing myself and my dear co-learners “All the best” may we all see the broader picture of being teacher and understand that “End of Education is Character”.

    Rajashree Gopa

About Exeed College

Exeed College was originally envisioned in 2016 as an institution of higher learning and executive education, popularly known as ESBF. Exeed College and Finance addressed the needs of working professionals, adult learners and executives in attaining accredited and globally recognized academic qualifications and professional programmes in an affordable manner.

Responding to the changes in the educational landscape of K-12 education sector, Exeed College expanded its portfolio to include Teacher Qualification and Training from NCFE CACHE, UK. And in 2019 partnered with Liverpool John Moores University, UK to offer Post Graduate Certificate in Education International, a level 7 academic qualification in UAE, Asia and Middle East.

About TAITO Education


Taito Education Ltd, a UK based organisation operating in the K12 space offers consultancy services and teacher training qualifications from awarding bodies based in the UK.

Our products and services enrich, engage and simplifies the teaching and learning experiences of educators and learners by imparting the necessary skill set to succeed in today’s competitive, multicultural and global environment. Taito has partnered with organisations engaged in transforming the educational eco system with their proven products and services in K-12 sector.

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