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A two months programme designed in partnership with UK’s oldest chartered management body which will focus on the role of HR in facilitating organisational and business success. As organisations face increasing levels of business complexity; HR can no longer be viewed as a pure operational support function in business, but needs to take on the challenge of playing a key strategic role in facilitating business success.

Flexible workplaces, globalization, remote teams and workplace demographics are making organizations shift rapidly towards Strategic Human Resources Management. Programme covers key practices and concepts in Recruitment, Administration, HR planning, Manpower planning, Training and Development, Talent management, Success planning, Assessment and Performance Management.

Project Management Professionals


  • Definition of Strategic Human Resource Management.
  • The Importance of Strategic Human Resource Management.
  • Understanding organization and the role of HR.
  • Understanding the concept of resourcing talent.
  • Managing employee relations and good practices.
  • Managing and coordinating the HR function.
  • Performance and rewards management and good practices.
  • The role of L&D Manager and its importance in organizations.
  • Identifying, Designing, Delivering and Evaluating L&D needs.
  • Supporting organization through individual coaching and mentoring.
  • Parameters of organizations performance and strategies to improve organization’s performance.
  • Employment Law of UK, Europe and GCC countries.
  • Internal Communications for HR Professionals.
  • HR in the global context.
  • Technology Management and HRIS.
  • Diversity and Inclusion for HR Professionals.

Upon the successful completion of the program the participants will learn how to :

  • Able to recognize trends and practices in human resource management.
  • Be competent to effective human resource management strategies and policies.
  • Develop action plans for the HR department.
  • Develop action plans for the measurement and assessment of HR strategies.
  • Evaluate the current and future challenges to human capital in a business sector and recommend actions to address identified
    gaps and other challenges.
  • Assess the role of a strategic human resource plan in enabling an organisation to reach its objectives.
  • Evaluate the current and future challenges to employee engagement and performance management in the organization and
    recommend actions to address identified gaps and other challenges.
  • Design effective technological systems for Human Resource Management, Planning, Staff Administration and Performance
  • Deal with staff learning challenges and competency development. Provide feedback after conducting a performance management
  • Design a system for internal communication through a combination of Emailers and group Intranet
  • Evaluate and design effective tools for performance appraisal and assessments.
  • Earn 40 Professional Development Credits to re-certify and retake the SHRM certificate examination.
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