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The inspirational talk series from Exeed College

To inform and educate global audiences in an accessible way, Exeed College has launched an inspirational talk show Talkex – Ordinary to Extraordinary. The series aims to connect with an audience seeking to move from the ordinary to the extraordinary in all parts of their lives and inspire them with insightful words of wisdom from global transformative leaders and industry innovators.

Each episode in the Talkex series provides an excellent opportunity for its student base and communities to connect with renowned management experts, talking about various business-related concepts, issues, challenges, strategies, and successes. These educational, informative, and entertaining talks can augment their educational journey.

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    Rohit Bassi

    “The Communication Wizard” is the name given by his clients. Rohit Bassi helps leaders, teams, and change-makers to embrace conflicts, enrich relationships, and tap into their emotional wisdom. Thus he helps them to be wise and impactful with their communication. His work is based on having courage, clarity, conviction and compassion. Rohit comes to you with experience of 25+ years. He has spoken in 21+ countries and delivered talks to 51+ nationalities. His talks are on the TED platform, and he is part of the National Academy of Best-Selling Authors®.