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Episode - 1

Growth Hacking With Nader Sabry

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The episode featured an enriching conversation with Nader Sabry – Growth Hacker – a renowned speaker, strategist, innovator, and entrepreneur. A leading voice in innovation, space technology, government, and health/wellness, he is a passionate advocate for inspiring the youth to embrace science and technology.
In this episode, the author of the bestselling book ‘Ready Set Growth Hack’ gives an insight into Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Growth Hacking and explains how these technologies can leverage to change people’s lives.



Nader Sabry

Nader Sabry is a keynote speaker, innovator, entrepreneur, advisor and a leading global voice in innovation in space technology, government, and health and wellness. He is a passionate advocate for inspiring the youth to embrace science and technology in developing nations through the initiative in partnership with the US Space Foundation.

He was a former Chief Strategist For The Dubai Department Of Economic Development, Director Of Strategy For The Dubai Foreign Investment Office, head of innovation and thought leadership at A.T. Kearney, and advised governments and fortune 1000 companies. He has also helped found several successful start-ups. He has raised the US $20 Million directly in early-stage venture capital and indirectly $100 million for startups he has advised and cofounded.