In line with the updated guidelines from our University partners, the College Board has approved a change to the fee structure for all our programs, effective January 2024 onwards. In line with the updated guidelines from our University partners, the College Board has approved a change to the fee structure for all our programs, effective January 2024 onwards.

Teacher Training Courses

Exeed College offers international teaching qualifications and master’s programs for prospective and existing teachers to enhance their knowledge, experience and skills

Embrace the journey to education excellence

We must advance along with the world as it changes. Changes must be absorbed throughout time and education industry is no exception to the not‭ion. Education is no longer limited to a blackboard or the four walls of a classroom. 

Teachers must upgrade their skills to adapt to the evolving teaching styles. Children who grow up in various environments will have diverse requirements and learning styles. Educators also must develop their skills and adopt new technology to cope up with the changing demands of the industry. 

Recent technological developments have altered the conventional approach to teaching as well. Instead, a brand-new online learning environment is now accessible thanks to technological breakthroughs. People can now learn anything from anywhere; in the internet era, there are no longer any barriers to learning related to time or distance. Investing in online certifications and education programs can be highly beneficial. Online credentials may hold the key to helping educators advance their careers.

Exeed College offers various educational programs jointly with international universities solely for teachers–their education, growth and success. These cutting-edge pedagogical programs—ranging from professional development CACHE level courses to master’s degree programs —are designed for educators at different levels, from early years educators and assistant teachers to educators in leadership roles.

The objective is to foster a new set of skills for global competence, such as the ability to seek and evaluate information, weigh different points of view, and apply critical thinking to make a difference in their communities, thus paving the way to becoming lifelong learners themselves —role models who continuously update their skills and knowledge.

How are we different?

Tie Up With Top Universities
Personalised Experience
Industry-relevant Programs
Online live - interactive (blended learning) sessions
Recorded sessions and e-library access
Complete guided learning program
Assignment-based evaluation
Robust Learning Management System (LMS)
Affordable fees & flexible payment plan

If you are passionate about shaping the future, our teacher education programs equip you with the complete skill set to thrive in today's classrooms.

Skills Development

Exeed College teacher education programs offer educators new ways to keep their classrooms and curriculum engaging, stimulating, and highly informative. They also provide access to new teaching styles and further teacher education certification.

The possibility of gaining a teacher education qualification or an advanced degree certification is just one of the many advantages of these new programs. Participants can also develop their general abilities, overall organization, time management, and knowledge of educational technology. These factors have been demonstrated to raise interest levels in the classroom and improve student grades.

Through these programs, a participant learns how to balance time, a skill that helps in all areas of life. The program also teaches communication and critical thinking skills. These skills are useful in everyday interactions, helping people build positive relationships and painlessly solve proble

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NCFE CACHE Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care and Children and Young People’s Services The programme is designed for learners who wish to build the knowledge and skills required when working with children and young


NCFE CACHE Level 3 Award for Special Educational Needs Coordinators in Early Years Setting SENCo qualification is suitable for a Level 3 practitioner in a private, voluntary or independent setting. All early years providers are required to have arrangements


NCFE CACHE Level 3 Diploma for the Early Years Workforce (Early Years Educator) This qualification is suitable for many learners either working or wishing to work in early years education and care. Take Admission Enquire Now Program Overview The


NCFE CACHE Level 2 Certificate Introducing Caring For Children and Young People This qualification is ideal for learners looking to work with children between birth and 5 years and gain knowledge of working with children up to 7 years

Master of Education – M.Ed

Master of Education A respected postgraduate qualification, enabling you to specialize academically in education or further your career in education. Take Admission Enquire Now Program Overview The Master of Education is a respected postgraduate qualification, enabling you to specialize
City University Malaysia

Professional Global Diploma in Education (PGDE)

Professional Global Diploma in Education (PGDE) It provides opportunities for participants to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes, together with an understanding of the responsibilities and obligations of belonging to the teaching profession. Take Admission Enquire Now Program Overview
Scottish Qualifications Authority Logo

How do you benefit from these programs?

You will be exposed to fresh concepts and viewpoints by being open to these qualifications and advanced degree programs—possibly some you hadn’t considered previously. A wealth of new knowledge will come from actively participating in these courses.

Develop teaching abilities

The experience you get as you pursue your master’s or advanced teaching degree will help you become an expert in the subject matter you wish to teach and the teaching process. While pursuing your degree, you will acquire significant teaching experience in a “real world” setting while closely supervised by an experienced educator. You will also learn how to communicate your subject-matter knowledge to your students successfully.

Better opportunities

The most valuable result of upskilling is the doorway to better opportunities. A profession cannot advance without acquiring new skills. Teachers can develop their career in various ways by enrolling in a teaching credential. Enrolling on advanced certifications opens doors to wider opportunities. Developing talents is essential for moving up the professional ladder. Staying in the same career stage might make a job boring. To advance to new levels, it is advised to improve expertise constantly.

Gains leadership capabilities

Many advanced degrees focus on developing leaders in the field of education. By improving your abilities through advanced training, you will be the teacher in your school that others look up to when they have questions or concerns about their students. Additionally, you will become more confident in your capacity to make classroom decisions, which will inevitably improve your leadership abilities in the workplace.

Increases competency

There is a lack of consistency among educators. Making yourself competent is the only way to reverse this tendency. The emphasis should be on professional development in order to improve teacher retention. Another concern is the disconnect between teachers’ education and their teaching standards. Enrolling in an advanced degree or professional development course can aid in closing the gap between learning and application.

Boosts confidence and credibility

These programs increase your expertise and confidence in your work will increase as well. No one likes to think they’re missing important skills in their industry. Continuing education and training opportunities allow professionals to build confidence and credibility as they acquire new skill sets and professional designations

Increases earning potential and hiring

These programs offer young and experienced professionals opportunities to boost their earning potential and future hiring by increasing their knowledge and updating their skill sets. Professionals with the right skill sets who seek out and take advantage of upskilling opportunities are certainly more bankable than those who do not.

A professional journey entails ongoing effort and education. Choose to advance your profession by enrolling on certification courses and advanced degrees at Exeed College.

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